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Metafit Tri Team 2017-2018

"Goal is to complete not compete but if we get a podium finish then it's a bonus"
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A leaner but stronger team promises to make the 2017and 2018 season started with on the right track as the team got a additional team members that has the forsight of living a healthy and fitter lifestyle. Supporting our advocacy towards promoting "the importance of healthy lifestyle"

New members are Danny Loquias, Catherine "Kintoy" Acuña and the teams newest spiritual inspiration Fr. Freire Clemente. who just recently finished first during 8080 San Remegio Triathlon 45-49 age category. 

Co-Captain husband and wife tandem of Fritz Co and Zusette Co leads the team charge in garnering the Best Performance as a team during the Bohol Triathlon. It was a surprise for all us, as the team was just there, to have fun but it turned out to be the last girl standing in the name of "kintoy" who finished fastest among the team in the swim! 

here are some related article with the team Accomplishment.

‘Brutal’ Xterra

Strength comes in all shapes and sizes

At age 9, Kintoy learned swimming because she almost drowned. Instead of being afraid after that near-death experience, she made a promise to herself to be good at swimming by enrolling in a swim class every summer until she joined the University of San Carlos varsity team in high school.
It was that time that triathlon blossomed in Cebu and mostly all her varsity mates were already doing the sport. She wanted to join but suffered a knee injury in a soccer game.  Sadly, she wasn’t able to continue her swimming career in college as she focused her time on her studies as she took pharmacy course.
Kintoy had the chance to go back to her favorite sport last year with the help and guidance of Lem Co.She joined her first relay triathlon even during the 8080 San Remigio Triathlon in November.
During her campaign in Bohol, Kintoy suffered a bad case of diarrhea and vomited during the wee hours of Saturday but the team gave her support and made sure she had a proper hydration. Kintoy was determined to not make her months of preparations come to waste.
As a safety precaution, Kintoy took loperamide on race day. The swim leg was the easiest for Kintoy as she sets a time of 24 minutes which is the fastest time for our time. She struggled in the bike leg, but pushed hard in the 5K run.
When she arrived at the finish  line, the thought, sunk in “I survived! After 15 years of dreaming to be a triathlete, finally I am already living that dream.”
Kintoy further expressed that “It takes lots of sacrifice, motivation, hard work and support from your family especially from my husband Jan Fid Acuña.” She also thanked her teammates especially Don Dublin, Ryan Galo and Jeff Codino. 
For her, juggling three jobs and at the same time being hands on mom is no easy task. Triathlon really takes dedication, time management and commitment.
Kintoy added “Thank you to my Metafit family who were there every step of my Journey. Coach Lem Co, Fritz Co, Zusette Co, Pimco Pimentel, Marc Demoral and my Capt Danny Loquias.”

Metafit Tri Team 2016-2017

Takes a breather after successful Ironman journey

CEBU, Philippines - All finishers of last week's ground-breaking Cobra Energy Drink Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championships at Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and Spa in Lapu-Lapu City have their own stories to tell.

Some are unique, the others inspiring.
The members of Metafit Tri Team under the wings of celebrated fitness coach Alan G. Choachuy share a tale that is a combination of both as they take pride for a successful journey in a grueling race of physical endurance and mental toughness.
For Lemuel Co who was never an athletic person during his younger days, completing a lung-busting battle consisting of a 1.9km swim, 90km bike and 21k run was an accomplishment he would cherish in his lifetime.
"I was never an athletic person when I was younger. I was always the smallest in school, a frail and sickly boy," said Co. "But I started working out 10 years ago for the sole purpose of gaining a few pounds which I did and later lead me to be more concious of my health and fitness.
Co said joining the Metafit boot camp was a life-challenging experience that eventually led him to accomplish things he never imagined he would have done.
"I joined metafit almost three years ago and was introduced to the sport of triathlon. It took me some time to actually decide to try it out. I was never a good swimmer. I quit biking during college years after I had an accident and I really hated running," he said.
But with fortitude, Co went on to savor a moment he would never regret. "The past year has been very challenging, the physical and mental discipline needed for the sport was overwhelming and I almost quit due to frustrations," said Co.
"But I just kept going. Fast forward, I finished my first Ironman 70.3 last week. "I want to thank my wife Emelyn all for the love, patience and ever lasting support. The same goes to my Metafit team especially for the fun during traning. I couldn't have done this without you."
Metafit's motivational coaches Philip John Canedo, Fritz Co and his wife Zussete also relish the moment of having made an impact during the ground-breaking Ironman As-Pac in their own little way.
"I am so happy that I finished the race under the time of 7:50 compared to last year wherein I almost did not make it to the finish line. I train smartly for this year's race, thanks to the Metafit training," said Canedo.
"My second Ironman 70.3 was more challenging than last year as my goal was to perform better.  The result, I was 19 minutes faster during my swim and 26 mins faster on the bike. I ignored all the pain, the cramps, the fatigue, the heat on the way to finish at 7:12, 48 mins faster than last year," said Fritz Co.
Fritz's amiable wife Zusette was prouder after completing her first Ironman. "The road to my 1st Ironman 70.3 wasn't easy. I wasn't able to sleep properly the night before. I prayed so hard to please Lord give me the strength and endurance I need to survive this.  I have to battle through the swim leg, struggled on the bike with the wind blowing so hard and the excruciating heat of the sun on the run," said Zusette.
"But it was one memorable experienced I will remember for the rest of my life. The overwhelming feeling of finally crossing that finish line was very satisfying.  
Aside from Zusette, the other first timer finishers from the Metafit Tri Team were Pimco Pimentel, Jeff Corro, Bernard Palermo and Mario Alcantara. Coach Romulo Rosel finished 10th in the 40-44 category. Their relay entries were Golda Cotanda, who did the swim and bike for team DOA, and Team 2GAGA Bwahaha's Jidan Jackosalem, Terence Fernandez and Rey Dauz.
For Metafit's main man Alan Choachuy, what's more important is that they were able to deliver the foremost vision of their Ironman journey that is to encourage others to have a clean living and nurture a healthy well-being.
"On top of completing our Ironman journey, what matters most is that we were able to highlight our advocacy that is to promote the importance of fitness and in the process encourage others to lead a healthy lifestyle," said Choachuy, himself an Ironman contender for the third consecutive time.(FREEMAN)

CEBU, Philippines – Complete and not compete.
This will be the battlecry of the Metafit Tri Team when they take part in the highly-anticipated Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines on August 2 at Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and Spa in Lapu-Lapu City.
Led by no less Cebuano fitness ambassador Alan 'Coach A' G. Choachuy, Metafit will be sending in a 21-man contingent composed of professionals from various fields including architects, engineers, doctors, bank executives, a fashion designer and even a CEO of a shipping company.
Aside from Choachuy, Metafit's individual contenders are Guian Capacite, Fritz Co, PJ Cañedo, Janet Remedio Solis, and Leslie Peson.
Seeing action in the relay category are Randy Guilles, Joy Padilla Bascug and Jinggoy Bascug of Team Pro H, Alex Sy, Jeffrey Cataag and Joseph Noel of Team Q, Alyssa Sy, Donafel Tacandong and Yves Fernandez of Team BBQ, Joy Ortaliz, Golda Grace and Maui Recla of Team Trio and Janise Alcantara, Mario Alcantara, and Zusette Co of Team A-CO.
Choachuy, now on his fourth straight Cobra Ironman appearance, said what makes Metafit different from the other teams is that most of their members have a common background - individuals who once lead sedentary lives but now nurture a healthy lifestyle through the sport of triathlon."Our goal is to complete not compete," said Choachuy, who found a new meaning to his being following his life-changing stint in the 'Biggest Loser', a popular reality television show, four years ago. "We still give our best effort in every race, but winning is only a bonus. What matters most for us is that we are able to make a difference and inspire others."
Choachuy and his Metafit disciples are part of a record-number 2,814 participants from 52 countries who are set to participate in this much sought-after race where slots got sold-out within 40 minutes from registration opening.
Spearheaded by Sunrise Events, Inc. in partnership with title sponsor Cobra Energy Drink, the event has also attracted the deepest field of PROs to ever compete in the history Philippine triathlon.
World champions Craig “Crowie” Alexander and Pete “PJ” Jacobs, both from Australia, and defending Cobra Ironman champions Brent McMahon of Canada and Caroline Steffen of Switzerland banner the formidable list of PRO lineup.
The other Ironman big shots include Luke McKenzie, Clayton Fettell, Michael Murphy, Justin Granger, Stef Puszka, Michelle Wu, Sam Betten, Tim Van Berkel, Dimity Lee-Duke, Tim Reed, Derek Cross and Belinda Granger of Australia, Bree Wee and Beth Gerdes of the US,  Cameron Brown of New Zealand, Nick Baldwin of Seychelles, Carole Fuchs of France, and Kathryn Haesner of Germany.
For the fourth straight year, the province of Cebu and the city of Lapu-Lapu plays host to a festive sporting extravaganza. Lapu-Lapu's pristine beach will be the swim venue where participants will get to experience the new “rolling  swim start” and the cities of Cebu, Mandaue and Talisay form part of the bike course, which features the “M” loop similar to that of the 2013 edition.
In the days leading to the race proper, the participants as well as the guests are set to experience a world-class Triathlon Expo, the biggest in Asia-Pacific with over 36 exhibitors.
The half-Ironman distance triathlon, also known as the Ironman 70.3, is among the world's most exciting races, attracting hundreds of thousands of athletes and supporters year-round.
The event also serves as qualifying race for the 2016 Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Sunshine Coast, Australia where 40 age-group qualifying slots will be at stake. For more details, one may visit

Our commitment to get fitter, stronger and Healthier!

Meet the real ‘Pro’ triathletes

After the dust settled in the Ironman 70.3 event in Cebu, it's time to meet the real professional triathletes who joined in last Sunday's event.  I am not talking about the professional athletes. These are the age-groupers who comprised around 80-90% of the participants from professional civil engineers, architects, doctors, bankers, nurse, accountants, IT experts, and even a priest.
Let's give the limelight to them.
Fr. Joseph B. Anore (The Swimming Priest of Metafit-PRO H relay team). My experience in Ironman 70.3 Philippines 2014 can be described in three R's - reverie, revelry and revelation. Indeed, it was a reverie because I never have thought that I could be part of one of the most prestigious sports events in the world today. It is also because I would admit I am a late-bloomer in sports. During my younger years, I was never been into any kind of sports not until I became part of Metafit fitness regimen. Furthermore, it was a revelry because Ironman event was for me a celebration of life's most important blessing - our health which we oftentimes take for granted, neglected and ignored. I knew all the participants prepared seriously and vigorously in their training months. But all the efforts, sacrifices and pain to watch one's diet, sleep and rise early in the morning paid off when you have reached the finish line. And lastly, it was a revelation because it proved how the spirit of sheer determination, courage and strong-willed heart conquered all obstacles, challenges and fears. I too have come out victorious with my own battle when I swam a deep- blue sea and not any leg cramps could ever dampen my vigor and spirit to reach the transition area so that my fellow teammates could do their own disciplines which bike and run. Moreover as the Latin saying goes and I quote;" Mens Sana en Corpore Sano" which means "A healthy soul in a healthy body". I hope that the strict discipline I learned in preparing for Ironman event would not only end up for my healthy body but to my soul as well. A soul that is immune from rigors of life's vicissitudes.
Guian Capacite (Professional Architect) The Cobra Ironman Philippines 2014 was my first ironman event but the 4th triathlon event that I have participated. I have been into this sport for about 10 months only. Although I wasn't able to get my target time because of the very tough course in all discipline, I am still very happy with my performance, finishing 5hrs and 45mins. The experience was indeed wonderful because of the crowd that cheered you up when you're exhausted already and the beautiful safeguard marshalls who baths you with cold water. The highlight of them all was that I get to meet in person my ultimate crush, model/triahlete Kim Kilgroe. Surely I will be coming back next year.
Engineer  Jinggoy Bascug: (Professional Civil Engineer and cyclist for Metfit-PRO H relay team). The toughest part of the bike route was the headwind in SRP, with simple mathematics I can get my 3:30:00 target time. I tried to maintain my 25-30 kph speed, but when I reached Talisay water station " nanimaho na kong sunog". In going back to complete a 1st U, I realized that I could easily reach 40+ kph due to the tail wind. So with simple computation of (40kph + 20kph)/ 2 = 30kph.  Even if I averaged 20-22 kph going to Talisay and 35-40kph  to Palma, I can still manage to finish with a smile going back to Lapu-Lapu, even if I would have to  hurdle climbing back Marcelo Fernan Bridge. I timed 3:39:45,  9 minutes of my target time but still a good ride for me. Thank you for the Metafit training and long ride bike out with coach A, Team Metafit and its support group. It really inspired us so much.
Dr. Janet Remedio Solis: (Pediatrician and businesswoman, cyclist of PATT's Tri Team) I experienced and felt the overwhelming crowd support including our very own Metapackers from T1 up to the streets of Lapu-Lapu City, Mandaue City, Cebu City , Talisay City and vice versa. It's simply amazing! Their voices eased the pain along the 90K bike route.." Go Ate, go Ate!!" or "Go girl, go girl!!!" I had the luck and opportunity to race side by side with the world's best triathletes although most of the time I had to stay on the right side of the lane. It was indeed my first ever bike race. It was scary with all the big boys around. Pedaling to make it through the strong headwind towards Talisay made me realized that I should be one of the boys or else I will still be out there all by myself in SRP. Cebu should still be the venue next because of the warm hospitality of the people , strategic location, accommodation, LGU support but hopefully we can have better roads.

Philip John Cañedo. Cebu is the most ideal place for the Ironman here in the Philippines because of the strategic location, less traffic. People here are more accommodating and can host bigger crowd. Everything you need for a race like the Ironman is all here in Cebu. My experience on this year's Ironman is heart pumping, adrenaline rush, at the same time happy pack in to one. The bike route is hard because of the bridge and the strong headwind in SRP. Thanks to our trainings especially going uphill, I conquered it!
Joy Ortaliz: (Nurse and a medical representative, Swimmer of Team Try and Tri) "Pull, pull, pull!" "Swim, swim, swim!" These are the chants inside my head when I can no longer use both of my legs in kicking because of muscle cramps. With almost 1.7km swim to go, I was relying with my upper body strength. I was praying hard and swam with my heart. I was thinking of my teammates, my coach and more importantly myself.  "I can't fail" The will to finish the race makes it all possible. After all, it was my inner self  that was competing, right at that moment. Thank you coach A, coach James, the awesome Metapackers support group and the people who cheered at the sidelines! It was indeed one helluva experience!
Maeers Canedo (Registered nurse and busineswoman, Swimmer of Team Try and Tri Metafit) As a first-timer, all I can pray was for fine weather, a calm sea and a not so tough current, which God has graciously given us during last Sunday's event. I was not born with an athletic bone in my body, let alone two years ago when my lifestyle was completely sedentary. But through coach A's Metafit metabolic fitness camp, 10 months training with a swimming coach, and a lot of support from the Metapackers and my family, 53 mins of 1.9km swim may not be a result to be bragged about, but hey, there will always be room for improvements. As what Mr. Watson said a night before the race to motivate us, "There is no place I want to be but right here, right now." There was anxiety, but I surely felt exactly the same way as the race started. Right before hitting the water, I felt empowered, confident and most especially blessed.
Donafel Almirante Tacandong( Accountant and banker,  rRunner for Team Try & Tri Metafit). It was an amazing, exhausting and incredibly rewarding experience. Though it was not my first 21K run, I was still nervous. I got so many things running through my mind. It was really getting hot  and  my stomach was rumbling, etc etc. My goal then was to finish it under 2:30:00 . Though I had to stop at every water station for 10-15 seconds to rehydrate and get wet, I finished it in 2:19:28.  It was very inspiring to see athletes with physical disabilities and 'the young once' pursuing their dreams. It gave me hope that there's still chance for me to be a triathlete someday, in God's perfect time.
Congratulations to all for finishing your first 70.3 Ironman. Now it's your turn to inspire others to get fitter, stronger and healthier!
It was also my third try in the 70.3 Ironman and proud to say that I had my best finish ever, shaving off 14 minutes from my last year's run.

SIDELINE: Congratulations also to first-time finishers Anton Golez, Archt. Chad Go, Dr. Jose Antonio San Juan, Maverick Tan, Ryan Yu, Archt. Mary Joy Libre, Miguel Abelardo, Glen Antonio, Chloe Jane Ong and to all those who conquered and finished the 70.3 Ironman. Special thanks to Maui Recla for taking our beautiful photos. See you guys next year!

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