Every Pound Counts


There is no “I” in a team that’s why basketball has always been a team effort. But each team needs a captain that can steer it to
its right path. The role of a coach is limited only on to the strategy of the game and reminding the players what to do, when to do and
how to do it. But inside the playing court during game time, it’s the captain who makes all of these possible.
            Talent is of utmost importance in forming a highly competitive team. Players train day in and day out to be in their best shape
in terms of endurance, strength, speed, accuracy and agility. But it is all a waste if these talent scan’t be translated to a win. Like the
famous Cebuano basketball term, “maayo lang mo sa practice da” (you are just good in practice). A good talented player for me is
determined on how he executes all these trainings during actual game situation.
            Lebron James is probably the best of both worlds. The talent of this future Hall of Famer is way ahead from the rest of the
team. At 34 years old, he is still fast, strong and totally impossible to stop. He works hard on and off the court, maybe that’s why he has
never suffered a major injury except for the groin injury he sustained on Christmas Day that sidelined him for 6 weeks. His work ethic in
training is exceptional. Perhaps that's why he is such a great basketball player.
            Kevin Durant’s favorite motivational phrase from Tim Notke says that “Hard work beats talent if talent does not to work hard”.
Oxford defines hard work as, “a great deal of effort or endurance.” Merriam-Webster defines hardworking as, “industrious, and diligent.”
Effort. Endurance. Diligence. Industriousness.
            Hard work is pouring in blood, sweat and tears just to improve one's self and make him or her a better and stronger person
than he used to be. The best example to this statement of hard work is the most famous story we all have heard from our childhood, the
“Rabbit and Turtle race". Even though turtle is not fast and talented to win races, it won because of hard work. The rabbit, on the other
side, had talent to win and chose to relax and not work hard. That is where attitude comes to play.
            Attitude is defined by the business dictionary as “A predisposition or a tendency to respond positively or negatively towards a
certain idea, object, person or situation. Attitude influences an individual’s choice of action and responses to challenges, incentives, and
rewards.” It is difficult to change one’s attitude but with a good mentor/coach or leader one may change. For me attitude in sport is
divided in three major components: Attitude towards the game, attitude towards other persons such as teammates, referees, coaches and
the  opposing team. Finally attitude towards action on how one responses and reacts towards a certain situation.
            Attitude towards the game when one feels he lacks the talent in shooting or defense, this attitude then calls on hard work to
train in shooting or defense. Attitude then summons its inner self to work really hard, then to improve his talent in the things he work
hard for. Afterwhich, attitude uses this new talent in real game situations on the action or reaction on how to response to it. Meaning, all
the hard work to improve one's talent would be such a waste if you don’t have the attitude towards the game when it actually happens.
            Attitude towards other persons, teammates, coaches, referee etc. “Respect” is sometimes just a hype because one may respect
one another if they are face to face but is totally different when there are behind each other.
            LeBron James is again the best example to a player having the greatest talent and still works hard on and off the court. His
attitude towards the game is exemplary. He wants to win, but what he has lacks is attitude towards his teammates. A great leader should
make his teammate shine, but it is the exact opposite to what is happening in his LA Lakers team. He is creating division and making the
young rookies uncomfortable. LeBron is not getting his lollipop and is acting like a big baby. The Lakers' present lineup is talented on
paper but the young team is losing its direction and focus. But I may be wrong. These all crazy trade fiasco could be just a strategy of
Magic Johnson to warn all the young guns to wake up and start playing ball.
            Let’s wait and see as James and the Lakers are now rank 10th as we speak and is 3 games behind 8th seeded LA Clippers.
There's still a ton of basketball games after the All-Star break. The Lakers have to focus to turn their playoff dream into a reality.  

            Again, there is no “I” in a team but definitely there is an “I” that can spell the difference between success and failure of a team.

It's only 28 days to go for the biggest triathlon race in the country, the Cobra Ironman 70.3 
Philippines. Nothing comes close in terms of the magnitude of this event. From 1,700 participants last year, it ballooned to 2,048 individual entries and 170 relay teams for a whopping total of 2,558 participants.    

The increase number is due to a bunch of firsItt timers doing the 70.3 Ironman distance. They may have done the same distance in local race, but what sets Cobra Ironman different from local races is the strict implementation of cut-off time. You have 70 minutes to complete the swim leg, and five and a half hours in the bike stage. One must log in eight and a half hours to finish the whole race. For the first timers, here are some few tips you may remember to finish the 70.3.

It will be chaotic. if you are not comfortable or confident, get a white swim cap. The swim marshals will take AN extra look at you. Don’t stop swimming even when you are hit, pulled, punch, smacked in the head or swim over. If the current is strong, stay behind or beside a swimmer and look for the bubbles. If the waves are strong, try to use it to your advantage, ride on the way down and relax on the way up. But always continue to swim in any style. Some may even resort to praying the rosary by holding on to the 'boya' and pulling themselves slowly. Remember, even on slow breast stroke, you can cover around 500m in 15 minutes without stopping so when you multiply it by four, it’s 60 minutes and you have 10 minutes to spare. Don’t get lost when swimming. Just peek at your left and right if there are some swimmers, chances are you are on the right track. Keep your head down because every time you put your head up to look, your legs and feet will sink and it will be like an anchor, slowing you down.  Relax and find your rhythm, because if you struggle or panic, you will be tightening your muscle and you will sink.
The bike stage is the tricky stage because most of the athletes believe that this is the easiest leg. But with a distance of over 90 kilometers, this is the stage where you will know if you will finish the race or not. 

MECHANICAL TROUBLE. Flat tire is the biggest challenge. An elite or experienced cyclist may take between 5-10 minutes to fix a flat tire but a beginner may take as long as 30-40 minutes to do it. And if you have two flat tires, that will be around 60 minutes already. The culprit is usually a staple wire, nail or broken glass. I usually bring a small nail cutter to help me pull out the wire. Always prepare for the worst. Practice in fixing a flat tire. During my first try in the Ironman 70.3, I broke one of my spokes which caused my bike to wobble so I have to slow down and make sure I make it to the transition in one piece.
Another good way to avoid mechanical trouble is to pray, I prayed countless number of “Our Father" and "Hail Mary" and it worked. 
HEAD WIND AND CROSS WIND: The bike route is a challenging one. It may be relatively flat but with the headwind, it may feel like going uphill. Even my bike slowed down in a downhill section because of the strong headwind. At the Marcelo Fernan bridge, it will be another challenge as wind will be crossing so be sure to hold on to the handles of your bike. I found some cyclists falling to the side because they got slammed by the cross winds. 
ROAD CONDITION. Cebu has fixed almost all the road sections leading to SRP but always be mindful.  A dog, cat or spectator might cross the road. Or you might run over a water bottle.  
GEARING AND CADENCE: Don’t use heavy gear (big ring front and small at the back) or low cadence (60-75). Chances are, your legs will give up half way through the bike. Go for easy gear (big ring front with around 2nd or 3rd from the biggest on the back) with high cadence (85-95 rpm). With this, your legs will remain fresh.
Remember to hydrate every 30 minutes or as needed, but don’t forget your nutrition gel, power bar at least every 40-45 minutes. 
The run stage is where all the fun begins. What makes the 70.3 in our country different from other international races is the cheering and the warmth of the spectators. From start to finish, well-wishers will line up along the run routem, cheering and helping you with kind and motivational words. Don’t stop running, jog or walk, avoid complete stop or taking a rest or worst sitting down unless you are injured. Drop by all hydration stations, take a sip or shower your self with ice water to help keep your core temperature down because at this point of time it is getting really hot. But avoid hydrating too much as you will feel heavy during the entire race. For me, the difficult part of the run is the end portion near the Discovery subdivision because this is the part where you can see the distance between the runners and it will be quite stressful to see how much you need to cover. But as soon as you reach the finish line, you will be energized. Unlike other local triathlon races, they will not take down the finishers arc and timer as long as you finish the race within the cut-off time.
Next week, I will share you some strategies on how to train smart and finish the race with a big smile on your face. 

As an overall strategy, the best tip is better under than over, meaning it is better to be undertrained than overtrained. It is quality over quantity. Triathlon is a repetitive muscle movement per discipline, meaning your movements will be same for each discipline. In order to get fast on each discipline, you need to put as much time on swim, bike and run. And in order to gain power and muscular endurance, you need to train your muscle.

SWIM: Swim at least 30 minutes twice a week. Warm up for five minutes, then swim as fast as you can for 20 minutes. There should be no rest, no break, and no bubbling at every lap. Focus on form, breathing, reach as far as you can, avoid crossing and most of all relax. Do strength training at least three times a week, focus on core, back exercises and shoulder, which are the muscles used during swimming.

BIKE:  Bike at least thrice a week, once on a trainer (45-60 minutes), once on hill repeat or intervals and one long ride. If your coach tells you not to do uphill ride, fire him right away. The most common mistakes of triathletes is not doing uphill ride. Focus on cadence and gear ratio. For strength training focus on core, one leg workouts, and whole body exercises. Focus on your form. 

RUN: Run at least two or three times a week. Once a week, do a short 3-5km intervals run. Warm up with a 400m slow jog, then do intervals with a 100m jog, 100m run, 100m sprint and 100m of brisk walking. Repeat until you reach 5km.  Join fun runs once every two weeks and try beat your PR (personal record) on the 10km or 12km run. Do a long distance run every other week on maximum distance of 15km. 

BRICK/TRANSITION TRAINING: Brick or transition training is a combination workout of two disciplines, say swim to bike or bike to run. Three weeks before 70.3 Ironman, one should start their brick training. Focus on where you are weak at, and most often, it is the transition from bike to run because one uses the leg muscles. On the bike, you use mostly quadriceps muscle especially if you are using at TT/ Aero bike where the angle of your seat in relation to the bottom bracket is more upright. And the run utilizes more on your hamstring muscle. You don't need to do long distance bike and run for transition training. A short bike sprint and run will do. Do it at least once a week. Actually some athletes runs better off the bike compared to run only.  In the swim transition to the bike, I suggest that after swimming, try to get out of the pool and round around the pool 2-3 times. That way, you get to simulate running to the transition area.

STRENGTH TRAINING: Drop by a gym and do strength training like Chest Press, Leg press, Back exercises. If you have no time to go to a gym, you can do a short Metafit workout for muscle endurance and strength that will benefit your swim, bike and run. Do it 2-3 times a week. 20 jumping jacks, 20 pull ups, 20 squat jumps, 20 push ups, 20 jumping alternate lunges, 20 burpees, and one-minute plank. Perform the exercises in the order mentioned, do not interchange.  Do it as fast as you can and rest as little as possible between each workout. Once you’ve completed all exercises, repeat until you’ve finished 5 rounds or 10 minutes, whichever comes first. You are allowed to take a 30-second water break after each round, but for maximal strength and muscle endurance, take a little or no rest at all. 
All the workout mentioned will make you faster, stronger and most all, smile when you cross the finish line. It’s quality over quantity.  Better undertrained than overtrained.       

Remember to always consult your Doctor before doing something new. It's better to be safe than sorry. 

For a detailed explanation of each workout, feel free to e-mail me at alanchoachuy@gmail.com

Quality over Quantity

 (The Freeman) November 8, 2014

Training is usually summed up by the number of hours you spent  in a gym, how many games you have played, how heavy you bench press, or how far you have run, bike or swim. In joining fun runs, marathons, ultra races and the likes, one’s mentality is always ‘train hard or go home’ or ‘no pain, no gain’. Nowadays, training has evolved to a more scientific approach. Gone were the days that we were not allowed to drink or hydrate during practice or work out. Hydration and nutrition now play a big role in training as well as in the performance of the athletes.

When you plan to get fit, the first thing that gets in your mind is running. That is because running is the cheapest and easiest form of exercise. You can do it anytime and anywhere. Running has become very popular in Cebu. I can still remember that there only few races in Cebu and the biggest then and until now is the Milo Marathon. There was also this Queen City Run and Tri City Run. Today, there are fun runs almost every weekend. The most popular now for Cebu is the Cebu City International Marathon held every January. Runners tend to get so excited and make a drastic jump from 5km to 10km up to 21km and even 42km. Some even join ultra marathon distance run not knowing the consequences they have to take.

Did you know that while walking, you carry two times your body weight?  And when you jog or run, it becomes around three times your body weight? You can just imagine how much weight or impact these will have on your joints. Meaning, the more frequent or the farther you run, the more you burden your joints. That is why I always remind my students/ clients about Quality over Quantity. I encouraged them to join shorter run distance and focus on improving their time.

The Metafit-High Intensity Interval Training or Metafit-HIIT is the best way for quality training. Instead of walking on constant pace for 30 minutes to one hour around the oval, it would be more beneficial if you put an interval of one minute walk and 30- second jog. Then after a week or two when you are stronger you can adjust already, make it a one-minute walk, one-minute jog pace. Then after a month, you can make adjustments to one minute brisk walking, two-minute jog, and 30 seconds run. By doing this, you’re giving your body enough time to recover. Even if you do this for only 10-20 minutes, it is much better than doing 30 minutes to one hour of just walking around the oval. Avoid doing longer distances. Perfect your form first like the basic function movement like one-leg exercises, squats and lunges. Improve your core strength. Bear in mind that your form will depend on how strong your core is and when your core fails, then your form will suffer. Studies show that when you train Quality over Quantity, using the Metafit-HIIT workout, you improve your performance – overall cardio respiratory (aerobic and anaerobic) capacity. You will also have an improved health – blood glucose control. (Diabetes), increased metabolism – fat burning ability. And most of all, it is time-efficient training in as little as four minutes.

The same concept of Quality over Quantity can be applied in the weight room or in the gym. I have been going to the gym for more than 10 years already and found out three years ago that I can even do a one repetition of a basic push-up. Almost all gyms in Cebu, immediately give a weightlifting regimen of 10 reps of barbell bench press, bicep, shoulder press and barbell squats etc on the first session. Again, it boils down to basic functional movement. It would be best doing body weight exercise first before moving on to loaded exercise. For instance, instead of doing barbell bench press, one can start with basic pushup. For sedentary individuals, you can start with wall pushup and progress on to a knee pushup then to a full pushup. There are hundreds of variations of pushups, which one can use or do. For a better overall fitness time efficiency, it’s better to do full body workout with a bigger range of motion. Although loaded exercise is not bad, you can always start with lighter weight and perfect the basic form.

A sample of a beginner Metafit-HIIT exercise that can be done inside a gym or at home, would be a combination of four exercises - push up, bicep curl (2 lbs dumbbells female/ 5 lbs male) or a 500ml water bottle, squats, and jumping jack. Do 20 seconds workout and 10 seconds rest as many reps as possible in 20 seconds for two rounds.

Intermediate may do side to side pushup, squat press, bicep curl, jumping jack, lunge walk and crunches. Allot 30 seconds for each exercise and 10 seconds rest for one round only. One may add (5 lbs dumbbells female/ 10 lbs male) for squat press, bicep and lunges.

For the advance, you can do full burpees, jumping jack, leg raises, pull up(band or weight assisted) and squat press. One may add (10-15 lbs dumbbells female/ 15-25 lbs male). And half-way through each exercise, if you find the dumbbell too heavy, you can always change to a lighter weight. 40 seconds of each and 15 seconds rest. You can do 2 rounds.

Remember to perfect your form before loading up heavier plates on the gym. It is also important to consult your doctor before doing any kind of physical activity.

SIDELINE: Good luck to all participants of San Remegio 80/80 Triathlon.

Please e-mail me at alanchoachuy@gmail for questions.

Fundamentals of Youth Fitness

 (The Freeman) October 25, 2014

The direction of some young athletes today is often dictated on what their parents failed to achieve during their younger years. However, there are certain side effects if a kid focuses on just a single sport at an early age. Among them are injuries on Foot/Ankle, knee, Low back (hip), shoulders and excessive use of certain muscles groups. Injuries can occur from overtraining, unsafe techniques, and heavy resistance without foundational strength. Sometimes, coaches and even the players themselves cannot differentiate fatigue and acute pain. 

Components of Youth Fitness: Aerobic conditioning muscle and bone strengthening and flexibility.

Kids need to establish fundamental movement and fitness skills before sport-specific skills and conditioning. Motor-based movement skills include squatting/bending, lunging, pushing, pulling and rotating. Dynamic balance involves control Center of Gravity, base of support, coordination, dynamic mobility, agility, quickness, acceleration and speed.

Classification of age ranges for developing conditioning programs.

  At 7-9 years old 

      Kids should focus on general conditioning and movement skills; promote general play and activity.


ch undamental movement skills like running, jumping, skipping, and throwing.

      Introduce bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, pushups or full sit-ups. 
      Develop general skills in a fun and games atmosphere. This age group has short attention span.

      At 10-12 years old 

      Kids can now focus on introducing specific skills to general conditioning program like change of direction, acceleration, catching, establish and enhance general fitness base. 
      Some may recommend using light weights, dumbbell, medicine balls but I would rather use body weight and Elastic resistant band instead. 
      Specific exercise can be incorporated such as running stairs, jump rope, or jogging. This age group is more competitive, so timed drills are important.

At 13-16 years old and up 
      Introduce sport-specific conditioning.  Athletes respond well to drills that mimic specific sports actions. Focus on power, explosiveness, and proper footwork. 
      Identify any weaknesses during competitive season and address it during the off-season conditioning, which may include participation in other sports.

At the end of the day what is important is that our kids should be motivated by learning new skills, making new friends and have fun. A non sport-specific training program should complement and support these goals. Establish realistic goals and expectations for a training program. Parents should only be there to play a solid supporting role, guide and let  their kids explore and try other sports to become the best they could possibly in their chosen field.

Asian Fitness Convention:

 (The Freeman) October 18, 2014

          Over the weekend top Fitness expert converge in Bangkok, Thailand for the 6th Asian Fitness Convention

          The theme this year was ‘full filing promises’- ensuring that visitors get what they are seeking, reach their goals and become healthier, fitter and better performers.  In previous years AFC talked about raising the bar in the fitness industry in Asia, creating ripples and influencing and transforming lives, building results on lasting foundations.

          This year AFC 2014 offers more variety than ever before, it had 160 sessions with 50+ world class presenters to learn from, some here for the very first time and some returning with more and new materials. Mix up workouts, workshops, lectures and demos; dance, sports conditioning, mind-body, science lectures, business seminars and more. Ms. Suzzane Hosley  is the woman behind the success of the Asian Fitness Convention. Suzanne is also the Managing Director of Fitness Innovation (Thailand) Ltd.
It was my 2nd time to attend this Fitness convention and indeed promises were full filled, I can say I am more armed with new methods, new workouts, conditioning technique and new equipment to help our fellow Filipinos to be fitter, stronger and healthier.
One of the most notable speaker and presenter was SGT KEN also know as Ken Weichert in real life. Sgt. Ken is a six-time US Army Soldier of the Year, Master Fitness Trainer, Master Resilience Trainer, and veteran of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Desert Storm. In 1993 Sgt Ken became a certified Master fitness trainer in the US army. And has led more than thousands of soldiers to better health through Operation Fit to fight. During the Convention when you see participants cueing a long, long line you would know that it Sgt. Ken’s class, He has different approach in handling his boot camp session in way that most of us will never experience, ‘the US Army style’,  The Chant, the motivation and most of all the buckets of sweat you bleed after each session. I tried my best to attend and meet all of the speaker and presenter  especially for lectures and workout that involves sports conditioning, Kids fitness, strength training, stability, agility and mobility workouts the likes Peter Twist, Tim Church, Mindy Mylrea, Peter Mccall, Douglas Brooks and Jonathan Ross to name a few.
And if we talk about the science behind fitness then Fabio Comana name is first in line, Director of Continuing Education for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and is a faculty instructor at San Diego State university and University of California. His extensive research on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has set new standards in the fitness industry. And also has vast research for Nutrition from Paleo, Intermittent fasting, Gluten and inflammation which is unraveling popular nutritional trends.
When I got to attend the lecture regarding ‘Crack the Movement, Code for Key Function Exercise’ by Dr. Lee Burton, I realize then, that most of our athletes have been training the wrong way. The basic foundation such as proper form, balance, stability are often neglected and our athletes train really hard not knowing of the consequences of their training mistakes. One great example of training mistake is basic functional movement. Poor form, posture, balance, stability, and coordination. Here in Cebu or in Philippines we focus too much on speed and endurance. Yes athletes can still perform or compete, but they are not in their top performing level. Dr. Burton is currently the Director of Athletic Training at Averett University in Danville Virginia and the President and Co-owner of Functional Movement Systems a Consulting and Education organization.
I would surely go back next year for The Asian Fitness Convention 2015 which will be at the same venue at BITEC in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the perfect place for all fitness enthusiast, coach, gym owners, and athletes to join. For more information check out their website www.asia-fitness.com or you can email them at info@fitthai.com.

 (The Freeman) October 11, 2014

Bangkok, Thailand

After experiencing some high moments courtesy of their first win (against Senegal) in the world basketball stage in more than 30 years, Team Gilas Pilipinas were sent crashing back to earth with a dismal seventh place finish in basketball event of the 17th Asian Games last week in Incheon, South Korea. It was the Philippines worst ever finish in Asiad basketball, an embarrassing moment for a country whose inhabitants worship the sport like one big religion. Armed with a much talented lineup beefed up by a naturalized player, it came as a big surprise that the Pinoys could only reach that far in the sporting discipline they once dominated with authority. What caused many eyebrows to raise further is that they only managed three victories against India, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.  
From the way I looked at it, Team Gilas set their sights to far.  As I have written before, we really had a good chance of clinching gold in the Asian Games. But from what I have read through social media and news reports, our basketball stakeholders are setting their sight on world basketball and the Olympics. Realistically, that is very far-fetched because for me, we must first secure the Asian level, moving up to the world stage would only be considered a 'bonus'.  As we all know, after that momentous triumph against Senegal in the FIBA World Cup last August in Spain, Gilas came home relaxed and celebrated as if they were already basketball champions. They somehow forgot that the Asian Games is just around the corner.
They wasted a week waiting if they will withdraw from the Asian Games before training again. It was evident because their outside shots were not at all efficient during the Asiad.
In the game vs Iran, Qatar, and Korea, we ran out of gas in the endgame. Our opponents scouted our outside shooting pretty well and send bigger defenders against LA Tenorio, Jeff Chan and Jimmy Alapag. Our rotation was poorly executed and the reaction time was very slow for the coaching staff. When they played against Iran, coach Chot Reyes gambled and rest Marcus during the fourth quarter and played Junemar Fajardo, who was easily overpowered by Irans stifling defense anchored main on NBA center Hamed Haddadi. It took five consecutive errors on Fajardos end before Chot made an adjustment and that was a crucial because Iran came back and stream-rolled to finish the game. If Chot had put in Douthit side by side with Fajardo, then Hadadi would have covered Marcus and a much smaller player would defend Fajardo. But as we all say what if, what is done is done.
I failed to watch their other games after they lost to Iran because I already deciphered what was happening to Team Gilas - they were falling apart. With Chot unrespectfully shouting at his player, Douthit sat out some of the crucial minutes of the games for disciplinary action. Mainly because he was not playing his heart out, he was benched during their crucial match against host Korea. But I have made some scouting myself and got some inside information that Marcus is a type of  player who does not give up and will always go hard in playing during a game. Douthit is even willing to exchange faces with his opponent and even dive for loose balls at times.
I still love the game of basketball and still have high hopes on the Philippines of making it the Olympics. But first things first. Lets prioritize and conquer Asia first before conquering the world.
SIDELINE: Next week, I will be featuring the much-talked-about Asian Fitness Convention in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s a big event where fitness enthusiasts all over Asia gather in one place to share technology, updates, studies, latest equipment and gadget regarding fitness. Metafit Philippines will be represented no other than its founder coach Jim Saret, his wife Coach Toni and yours truly.

Kick for Life
 (The Freeman) October 4, 2014

Last Monday I became an impromptu and accidental Conditioning coach for the FM 101 football marathon players. Actually I attend an event of Coach Jim Saret who was here last Monday to join the opening salvo for the kick for life football marathon in which players will play football for 101hrs and break the Guiness world record. Also this event aims to raise awareness on CHD Congenital Heart Defects among kids.  

Children all over the world are suffering from CHD. Statistics show that in every 100 babies, there is at least one with CHD and out of the 5,000 cases each year, only 500 gets help surgically. In Cebu alone, CHD cases are growing, says Let It Echo, a non-profit organization led by Kristofer Dominic and Hannah Almira Amora.
Coach Jim was invited to help the players get ready for record breaking event on for now the  Guinness Book World Record of the longest match of football is 72hrs held by UK. Coach Jim painted a realistic objective for the players telling them 8 weeks is not enough. Coach Jim just came back from the Asian Game in Encheon,  Korea the is consultant of Philippine Olympic Committee and also heads the Milo running clinic in Manila which trains runners for 5km, 10km, 21km and 42km full marathon runners. It takes usually 6 months program for an individual to be prepared for a full marathon that will completed between 5-6 hrs. But for you to play 101hrs you need to prepare at least for one year.  Although these players have been playing football for almost their entire life, but this is different your body will collapse from fatigue, muscle cramps and sleep depreivation.  You need to undergo a massive Strength conditioning training to develop muscular endurance is very important.  A well planned  strategy interms of players substitution, nutrition and hydration will be key facots of finishing 101 hrs of football.  Then you have to battle the heat in our tropical climate. Coach Jim is giving his all all out support  and is waving all his professional fee to make this event a success. I was now tasked by Coach to be on board and see to it that these group players get the maximize preparation.

The biggest challenge for the football players is time.  as most of them are working class and is working full-time in a BPO here in Cebu some work on graveyards shifts. That means we just have a few hours  per day to be spent on training and  we have only weekends for long training.  Weekdays will be reserved for strength conditioning and muscle endurance. Discipline, motivation, sacrifice and hard work n will be key factor. Coach Jim has to pull a rabbit out the hat to make most of the 8 weeks left on the training.  all workout will be high intense and it will be short pocket and series of exercises that involves the whole body.
This week I gave them there first Fitness assessment and although most of them have a great Cardio vascular endurance but most of them lacks muscular strength, endurance. There core, balance and stability are weak. But in as little as 2 weeks they can improve on these weakness. The challenge here is to. Make them peak at around 6th week and start tapering of  in quantity from the 7th week to 8th week.

As of today most of the players are suffering  from  DOMS Delayed onset muscle soreness. This is a good sign because it means that we have hit or awaken muscle that have been sleeping. Tonight players will go be undergoing a battery of lung busting andrenalin  pumping training before they start here football marathon simulation.

The Cebu Football Association is also supporting this undertaking especially on the technical side, while several other BPOs and football clubs are also pitching in support.

For those who want to help, support, donate and  raise funds for children with CHD, one may contact Hannah Almira Amora at 0922-8232782 or (032)-3810188. One may also log on to admin@letitecho.org or visit the event’s Facebook page, kickforlifefm101. 

The 'Naked Truth'

 (The Freeman) September 27, 2014

Last week, one very trending topic in the social media is the fashion show of a popular apparel brand entitled 'Naked Truth.' It swiftly became one of the most talked about topics.

What people don’t know is that this 'naked truth' gives false motivation and false hopes to the people who watched these men and women walked on stage exposing their well- chiseled bodies. Yes, they look pretty damned good with  six-pack abs and sexy curves but it takes time, one has to hit the gym at least six to hours a day every day and eating next to nothing to get a body like that. Worst of all the food they are eating would taste like SH&*%T.

In order for your muscles to pop out the whole time, one has to use illegal drugs. So if you really want to look like these 'models', I suggest you work as laborer in a construction site or 'kargadors' in pier. They have six-pack abs but they do hard labor 8-10 hours a day and eat like a king.

What transpired during that fashion show was an eye-opener. The naked truth, or the ugly truth shall I say, is that one out of four Filipinos is either obese or overweight. And we all know that being an obese can lead to a number of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and even heart, kidney, and liver problems. But with a little sacrifice, hard work, discipline and motivation, you can save thousands or even millions of pesos by doing something about it now. Don’t wait for the day your doctors will give you the bad news and then wish you have started yesterday. It is never too late to believe in yourself. You are stronger than you think. Find your motivation and if not for you, do it for your family.

Now it's time for the reality check. Being fit is defined by these important factors:

Cardio respiratory endurance – The efficiency with which the body delivers oxygen and nutrients needed for muscular activity and transports waste products from the cells.
Muscular strength – The greatest amount of force a muscle or muscle group can exert in a single effort.
Muscular endurance – The ability of a muscle or muscle group to perform repeated movements with a sub-maximal force for extended periods of times.
Flexibility – the ability to move the joints or any group of joints through an entire, normal range of motion.
Body composition – the percentage of body fat a person has in comparison to his or her total body mass.
One can improve his or her cardio endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition by simply exercising 2-3 times a week. A combination of a short walk, jog, run and doing simple body weight exercises can improve one's overall fitness.Most people complain that they don’t have enough time to exercise and going to the gym is expensive. But it's not. Just simply follow this easy five-minute workout and enjoy the rest of the day.

Here's the 'Naked Truth' workout I have formulated:

Jog in place: Exaggerate your movement by swinging you arms and raising your knees to waist level.
Squat: Pull a chair, sit down and stand up. The lower the chair, the harder it is. If you get stronger, add a jump or hop at the end.
Push up: If you have a hard time doing a full push-up, put your knees down or try the standing wall push-up.
Get ups: Lie on your back and get up to a standing position.

Counting will be in descending order. For example, the first round is 10 repetitions of each exercise, 2nd round is 9 reps of each, 3rd round is 8, and so on and so forth. Remember to stop after five minutes and remember which round you finished. As you get stronger and fitter, you increase the number of rounds and repetitions will get lower and lower.

You can log on to www.alanchoachuy.com and click on the page "Every Pound Counts" to get a better perspective of this ‘NAKED TRUTH’ 5 minute workout.
Aside from the doing the said the workout. Simply go back to the basic like using the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator, carrying your groceries, cleaning your car, washing your clothes and etc.

SIDELINE: Congratulations to Dr. Janet Remedio Solis for landing at second place, Archt. Guian Capacite for finishing third, and Romulo Rossel for taking the first place honors in their respective age-groups during the Hunat Sugbu Triathlon-Argao edition last weekend. 

The Science behind Running
 (The Freeman) September 13, 2014

Over the weekend at the Cebu City Sports Center, the Milo R2 had a running clinic and road show featuring APEX and Metafit Founder Coach Jim Saret and his  wife Coach Toni. Milo R2 Running Clinic is now on its fourth year in Manila and has clinic at three different venues in Mall of Asia, BGC and Quezon City Circle. It is the most comprehensive running science program in the country.

Over 200 runners from different running clubs, schools, universities and even Physical Education teachers joined the said event. Coach Jim stressed that runners should focus on balance, strength and core aside from the running mileage. Most of the runners often neglect this basic training and should be part in every workout and training.


Participants were asked to stand on one leg for 30-60 seconds and to my surprise, most of them were trembling and shaking. Even the elite runners had a hard time and were leaning sideways, while some fell on the floor. It was then pointed out that the leg the shake more is the weaker leg and usually to compensate for its weakness it is the stronger leg that gets injured.

Chest, back and legs are the big muscle group and even without gym equipment you can develop strength and endurance by simply using a towel.

CHEST: Put the towel in front of you, grab with your hands, shoulder width apart, and pull it outwards (imagine trying to rip it apart). Bring the towel to your chest and slowly push it out until you arms almost straight. Do it slowly at 3 seconds per repetition. Do 20 repetitions for 3 rounds.

BACK: Put the towel over your head and pull it outwards shoulder width apart. Push it up and down until it reaches behind your head, not on your neck. Squat down simultaneously every time your arms go down and stand up when push the towel up. Remember to maintain the intensity of the towel pulling it outward. Do 20 repetitions at 3 seconds per reps for 3 rounds.

LEGS: Sit on a chair, both hands up and put one leg up. Try to stand using one leg only then slowly seat down using one leg, try add a tip toe when you stand up and close your eyes.  As you get stronger, carry a liter of water bottle over your head. Do 20 reps on each leg for 3 rounds

CORE: Core refers to the trunk of your body, from neck down to your hips and armpit. Common misconception is that to strengthen your core, you need to do countless number of crunches and abs workout. One may have a 6-pack abs but it does not guarantee a strong core. To efficiently fire your core, try standing on one leg with eyes shut. Put one had in front. And ask a friend to push or slap your hand in any direction and remember have to keep your balance and engage your core or trunk. Other work out that  engage your core are basic plank and slow push up. Maintain proper form and try to keep your back down to your butt and legs align. Avoid lowering your butt.

These are just a few basic workouts that were taught during the 2-day running clinic.

Coach Jim Saret is also the consultant for the Philippine Olympic Committee and has trained the top elite athletes in the country from boxing, swimming taekwondo,  wrestling. He also handles the conditioning of  Team Gilas and is the resident coach for the popular TV show the ‘Biggest Loser’ Pinoy edition. He also founded the Fit Filipino Movement and Metafit Philipines. You can log on to www.coachjimsaret.ph for more information about the Milo R2 Apex Running Clinic.

Coach Jim and Toni also recommend that after training, refuel and re- energize by drinking Milo R2.
Sideline: Special thanks to Coach Eric Limatog, Coach Carlo Sumayang,  Donafel Tacandong, Mae Cañedo, Maui Recla, Golda Grace and Zyra Ann for helping out on this 2 day running clinic.

The Big Difference!



Decorated NBA coach Rudy Tomjanovich once said, “Never underestimate the heart of a champion. "
At 6:00 tonight, Gilas Pilipinas, the country’s national basketball team, will play with their hearts out as they embark on a journey that has evaded the Philippines for past 34 years – the FIBA World Cup. The last time the country competed in the prestigious event was in 1978, placing eighth overall. The Pinoys also delighted in a fifth-place finish in the 1936 Summer Olympic.  The Philippines’ brightest moment, however, was winning bronze medal in the 1954 World Basketball Championships in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. It was the best finish by any team outside the Americas and Europe.
Team Gilas has a famous battlecry, Laban Pilipinas! Puso!", meaning heart.  This is the first time I have seen a team that played hard and would willing to exchange faces with their opponent. During the last FIBA Asia held in Manila, I watched that historic moment and was in tears when they triumphed over South Korea.
In the 2014 FIBA World Cup, Gilas is grouped with the heavyweights  like Argentina, Greece, Croatia, Puerto Rico and Senegal. With this groupings, the chances of making it to the next round looks slim but in terms of individual talent, Gilas is a forced to reckon with. In basketball, height is still the proverbial might. Gilas can make this up with hard work and relentless defense. But qualifying to the  2014 FIBA World Cup is already a winning moment in the history books for Philippine Basketball.
Here are some key factors that would help Gilas make a successful run against the world’s basketball titans.
Defense : Team Gilas must pressure the ball handlers of their opponents. At the low post game, we will have a hard time against their bigger and taller foes. Gilas can always opt to double team but defense should be quick to respond on switching on open player under the basket.
Speed: For me, setting up for a half-court offense is difficult and would enable the opponent to set up their defense. The only inside threat for Gilas is Andrey Blatche. Gilas is fond of using a two-guard set up. It will make our team really short but it will be fast. I would suggest a run and gun game but before we can run, we must get the rebound and play good defense.

Outside shooting: 3-point will be our main weapon. It will open up their defense.  But if our outside shooting fails, it will harder for us to score inside. Like the game versus Korea in the FIBA Asia Championship, everybody was shooting from Tenorio, Castro,  Jimmy Alapag, Jeff Chan and even Ranidel de Ocampo.
Foul trouble: Big men Blatche, Pingris,  Fajardo and Aguilar must avoid getting early foul trouble.
Injury: When Marcus Dauthit was injured during the FIBA ASIA Championship, our local boys stepped up bigtime especially Marc Pingris, who was playing hurt during that time. But against European teams, our local boys will have a tough time against bigger and bulkier player.
I was following the national team since  1980’s I have watched the team that was formed by tycoon Danding Conjuangco , who made a core players composed of four naturalized players.  Sweet shooting Chip England, Guard Jeff Moore, Center Dennis Still and Ricardo Brown with a supporting cast led by Samboy Lim, Hector Calma,  Franz Pumaren, Yves Dignadice,  Allan Caidic,  Alfie Almario, Teddy Alfarero,  Elmer Reyes, Tonichi Yturri, Pido Jarencio, Jerry Cordinera, Rey Cuenco to name a few.  When our pro basketball players were allowed to play in 1990 Asian Games, they  finished with a silver medal.  ‘El Presidente’ Ramon Fernandez led the team along with Alvin Patrimonio, Dante Gonzalgo, Zaldy Realubit, Rey Cuenco, Ronnie Magsanoc, Benjie Paras, Chito Loyzaga, Allan Caidic, Samboy Lim and was coached by Robert Jaworski. It was a downward spiral from that point on.
The team was known as the "Philippine Centennial Team", then "Team Pilipinas" from 2005 to 2007, the team was sponsored by San Miguel Corporation and named "San Miguel-Team Pilipinas". In 2009, the team was sponsored by Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, Inc. and named "Powerade-Team Pilipinas".  This time, PLDT took over sole sponsorship of the national team beginning in 2010, they used the Smart Communications to banner the developmental team that would be called "Smart Gilas." "Gilas" is a Tagalog word that translates into English as "elegance" or "gallantry".
Team Gilas recruited, a pool of amateur players who were to train together and compete as a team backed by Manny  V. Pangilinan. Leading the players were Chris Tiu, Mark Barroca,  J.V. Casio, Japeth Aguilar,  Chris Lutz, Greg Slaughter, Marcio Lassiter , Naturalized player Marcus Dauthit and was coached by Rajko Toroman.
Team Gilas is now lead by Naturalized NBA player Andray Blatche, main stay Jimmy Alapag, La Tenorio, Jeff Chan, Jayson Castro, Gary David, Raniel De Ocampo, Gabe Norwood, Cebuano Junmar Fajardo, Japeth Aguilar, Marc Pingris aka “Pinoy Sakuragi”, new recruit Paul Lee and coached by Chot Reyes.
Good luck to Team Gilas and tonight, to the top of our lungs, let’s all cheer "Laban Pilipinas!PUSO!"



Athletes from basketball, triathlon cycling, running, swimming, and boxing usually use the off-season to recover from injury and rest their bodies from year-round training.
They usually do this after a big game, fight or race.  Athletes usually take 10-12 weeks to prepare for an event. But for long and hard event like the marathon, Ironman or extreme sports, some even take a year to prepare for it.
Off-season is the time to rest and recover, but for elite athletes it is the time to train on what they are weak on and during this off-season they focused that weakness and turn it into an advantage. Here are some elite athletes who personify that trait.
MICHAEL JORDAN. During his early years as NBA player, he was known only as a great scorer and offensive player. As is his famous Coach Doug Collins one said  “ Pass the ball to Michael and everybody get out of the way”. Fans didn’t respect his defensive game and his shooting. So every off- season, he worked hard and improved his defense. He eventually won 1988 defensive player of the year and what people did not know, Jordan also won three ‘steals’ titles and was part of the NBA All-Defensive team 9 times in his NBA Carrier.  His offense is usually capped by dunk or graceful behind the back lay-up eventually as years passed he became a very good jump shooter, remember those sweet turn around fade away jump shot, you need time and practice to master one elegant shot. Also, a dunk and jump shot are just the same, both worth two points.
LANCE ARMSTRONG. My favorite cyclist of all time has admitted using performance-enhancing drugs, blood doping and etc. But he was only leveling the playing field because ‘all of them are using it’, Even if you have all these drugs it still boils down to proper training and nutrition. During Lance’s off season, he eats, sleep and breathe cycling.  He trained so hard in the cold that instead of hating it, he loves the cold weather. He was known to bike even on a stormy weather. At one point, before he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, he went biking in pain and had to stand the entire time while pedaling because of the pain if he sits on the saddle.
MANNY PACQUIAO. Pacman was known to have a powerful left hand knockout punch but thru out the years he has develop a strong right punch. I got a chance to meet Pacman in the course of his training for his rematch against Marco Antonio Barrera six years ago. It was fun rubbing elbows with him, much more playing basketball with him for four consecutive weekends. This took place between his 10-12 week hard training. We were lucky because he was training here in Cebu to get away from the spotlight in Manila. I asked him why risk playing basketball during his rest day that he might get injured along the way. His answer was very surprising; basketball is his passion and his stress buster. Training is stressful so to take his mind off, he plays basketball. Indeed, he played very competitive basketball that he hates losing. They won during out first three games, but in our last game, we tried our best to beat them and we did. He took that loss seriously that he did not talk to us after the game, but during our lunch, we simply laughed it off.  This is just to show you that in every athlete, you should find your own motivation to make you continue on what you are doing. As for Pacquiao, he loves basketball and uses it as his outlet to come back the next day and train hard in boxing.
It’s sad to say that some athlete fall on the pit of the off-season. Even elite cyclist Ian Ulrich, gained so much weight in the off-season that he tried to lose weight before the Tour de France. As a result, his body suffers so much as he tried to shed off extra poundage while training. That greatly affects his competitive edge during his cycling carrier.
On the other hand, the common problem of athletes and specifically boxers during the off-season is “nag pabaya sa food and training”. Some think that since they are training, they don’t need to control their nutrition. So going into the weigh-in, some can lose the fight just in the weight itself. Take for example Johnriel Casimero, he lost his world boxing title on the scales for failing to make the regulatory limit in his weight division.
My advice to all athletes, Plot your training, fights, events, races and schedule your rest day thru out the year.  During off-season find one sport or training regimen and make it your base training, something to keep you in shape. It does not mean that since it’s the off-season, you should stop training and eating healthy. Just lessen the quantity and maintain the quality of training. Nutrition is also important, your body is your engine and like any top race car engine it needs the best fuel to perform.  By binging and eating unhealthy food during the off-season you are affecting and putting heavier load during your actual training. Remember your performance during the fight or race will depend on your training and your training will be a result on what you do on your off-season.


Double Dutch

Meet the real ‘Pro’ triathletes

This is it Cebu!

Fountain of youth

The key to Spurs’ success


Get faster on a bike

Invest in fitness

It's going to be a weekend full of fitness activities for the Cebuanos.  At 6 am today, close to 200 participants will graduate from the Metafit Cebu Summer Fitness Boot Camp at The Terraces of Ayala Center Cebu. The Metafit camp believes that fitness is not about losing weight. It's about getting stronger, fitter and healthier. Last Monday and Tuesday's exercises were the true test of the camp's result as participants went through the functional fitness assestment test from strength, cardio flexibility and balance. All of them were monitored, from their blood pressure, body fat percentage, and body measurements. They were also asked to perform the maximum number of repetitions of pushup, squat, and jumping jack in one minute. This assestment was done from the first day up to the final week to clearly check on their progress. After five weeks, the outcome was overwhelming as 100 percent of the campers have improved their fitness level. Around 50 percent doubled their number of pushup, squat and jumping jack. Flexibility has also leveled up as most of them were able to reach their toes or more. The biggest weight loss came from a female who shed out nine kilograms in six weeks. Some may have not lost weight, but their body measurements were obviously down. Their clothes became more loose as explained by two autocross drivers Dennis Corro and Philip Lim.
Arlene Yu finished third overall in the all-women's category and Richeilu Ho second in the age-group. The biggest surprise came from relay team, who were composed of an all-women lineup led by swimmer Joy Ortaliz,  cyclist Leslie Peson and runner Donafel Tacandong.
Mary Ho, who recently had her general medical check-up, also passed with flying colors despite her age, which she would not like to be divulged. One participant, who refused to be named, is now able kneel down on the pew during mass, something she failed to do in the past 10 years
In this fast and competitive world we are in now, people invest so much time in material possesion like cars, gadgets, property and business for a better security in the future. But sad to say that theyforget to invest on the most important and cheapest way to a bigger and brighter future - fitness and health. You may opt not to sign in on a gym or zumba class. Just laced up your comfy shoes and move, move and move. Run, jog or walk. Clean your car, do your own chores, use the stairs, carry your grocery to your car, and wash your own clothes. These are just simple things that one can invest in fitness, which is something precious and truly worthwhile.
SIDELINE: Good luck to all particpants in tommorow's Fitness Festival at Pueblo Verde. Catch athletes at 1pm to compete who will be the fittest and become the first ever champion of the 'Metafit Fearless Showdown'. Runners will have a footrace before the sun sets at the Outlets. Get also the chance to meet the coaches of the Biggest Loser, Jim and Toni Saret as well as my fellow Biggest Loser Season 1 contestants Raffy, Hazel and Eric Limatog. The event will end with a dance party at 6pm.

The ball is round

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As expected, the top seeds in the NBA are in a dogfight on who will move into the highly-anticipated Finals. In the East, the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers are tied at one game apiece, while in the West, the San Antonio Spurs clearly had little trouble in cruising to a 2-0 lead against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Except for Miami, all of the teams had a rough first and second round during the playoffs.
When the playoff started, I mentioned that I want either San Antonio, Oklahoma or Indiana to win the NBA trophy. It’s been good so far as the three of them made it the conference finals. On the other hand, I also had my prediction that Miami will win it all. As of the moment though, it is still anybody’s ballgame.
For that matter, I took time to weigh down some key factors a team to progress in the finals and eventually bag the coveted championship trophy. Here's my list according to order.
Health:  The team that will remain injury-free until the end will clinch the championship. The light at the end of tunnel for OKC is getting dimmer with the injury of their top center Serge Ibaka, which out for the rest of the playoffs. For the Spurs, Tony Parker is listed day-to-day and is playing hurt with a hamstring injury.
Big Man: The team that dominates on the inside. When Michael Jordan rose to phenomenal stardom in the NBA, all the teams were scrambling to look for the next MJ and in the process forgot how important the Big Man is. A ‘Big Man’ has to dominate on both ends of the court–defense and offense.  In the case of Indiana, their success will depend on the performance of Roy Hibbert. In their six losses during the playoffs,
Hibbert was handcuffed to less than double figures in five out of six gfames and had to big fat zero. In sharp contrast, Hibbert posted double figures in all of Indiana wins, even exploding for 29 points at one point.
Freeman ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch:
Teamwork: There is no “I” in the TEAM that’s why teamwork is a key element of a champion team. When a star player dribbles too much, then his team is in big trouble. That’s what happened to the Houston Rockets.  In all of their defeats during the first round of playoffs, James Harden hogged the ball too much, passes too late and forces a shot. The Rockets made the necessary adjustments but it was already too late as their offensive pattern became very predictable as they mainly rely on Dwight Howard at the low post. As what I observed, the team the best exemplify teamwork is the Spurs. They play excellent defense and switches on every screen their opponents initiate. They quickly adjust their offense and defense to counter the power of the other team. For now, the Thunder still couldn’t find the right formula to stop San Antonio’s triple threat of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Many Ginobili.
Consistency: Consistency goes to the Miami Heat. They are on cruise control and when the weakness of their rivals shows up, they always strike at every opportunity. Also, Lebron James is just excellent on all facets of the game. Gone are the days when King James forces the situation just to try to score in each possession. During their last game against the Pacers, he played center against Hibbert and even stole or swatted away at least two post-up moves from the Pacers’ Big Guy. Even thought they lost in the opener, the regrouped in time to equalize the series and more importantly wrest the homecourt advantage.
At the end of the conference finals, all I can say is that the ‘ball is round.’ To quote a famous line from the timeless flick “Forrest Gump,” it’s like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you will get. But my gut feel says Oklahoma will be swept by the Spurs, while Indiana will lose the series to Miami in six games. Ultimately, my fearless forecast is that the Spurs and the Heat will slug it out in the NBA Finals for the second straight year. Should that happen, then hoop fans across the globe will again brace for an exciting and highly entertaining showdown.
SIDELINE: Congratulations to the members of the METAFIT Tri Team for making waves in the Bogo Triathlon recently. Romulo Rossel placed second, Guian Capacite wound up fourth, and Terence Fernandez ended up fifth in their respective age groups. Cheers also to the women’s team manned by Joy Ortaliz (swimmer), Leslie Peson (cyclist) and Donafel Tacandong (runner) for finishing third overall in the relay category, even outrunning some all-men relay team. Most of the winners had a sedentary lifestyle before joining the METAFIT Cebu Fitness Boot Bamp. Now, they have leveled up and joined the extreme sport of triathlon. The best of luck to all of you in your next stint, the Tabuelan 111 this June and the 70.3 Ironman this August.

Metafit fearless showdown

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 For the first time, Cebuano athletes will be able to experience the Metafit fearless showdown. It's a 'survival of the fittest' event covering five rounds of challenges from speed, agility, endurance, strength and flexibility. This ground-breaking event will gather athletes from different disciplines to converge in a one-day challenge to prove who is the strongest, fittest and fastest. It's a heart-pounding and adrenaline-pumping activity that will test one's limit in lactate threshold, and bring one's heart rate to a maximum level.
 The competitors will be going through a series of workout using mainly their own body weights. The first round is the elimination part wherein the top eight teams with the fastest time after a five-station workout will advance to the next round.  In the quarterfinals, the difficulty level of each station will be increased. Only four teams will progress into the semifinal stage. To highlight its significance as a true test of teamwork, strength, flexibility and endurance, the two surviving teams will go head-to-head for the distinct honor and bragging rights as Cebu’s first 'Metafit Fearless Showdown' champion.
Some of the challenges may include pushups, squats, jumping, running, pulling, throwing, crawling, box jumps, tire flips, tire pulls, hurdles, etc. The participants will get to use medicine balls, suspension cables, sandbags, agility ladders, speed cones,  etc.
Each stage is composed of five workout stations, which the teams have to complete. Each team must be composed of five members with a minimum of two females. The specific exercise for each round will be announced on the big day itself.  Each round will be very short, but highly intense. Teamwork and strategy are very important as every participant  should know the strength of their teammates. The contest will be done regardless of weather conditions.
Scheduled on May 31, the event will start at 1 pm at Pueblo Verde in Lapu-Lapu City. Tents will be provided for the athletes. A team from Cebu's fabled ALA Gym has already signed up for the exciting showdown. Registration fee is pegged at P750 per team .
 Celebrated fitness coach Jim Saret, the founder of Metafit, and his wife Toni Saret will be in town to grace the affair, which is part of the Fitness Festival organized by AboitizLand, Inc., the real estate arm of the Aboitiz Group, as part of its 20th anniversary celebration.
Freeman ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch:
For more details, one may check FB page www.facebook.com/PuebloVerdeOfficial or send e-mail toalanchoachuy@gmail.com

Train smart

I got a message from one of my Metafit students, asking me if her knees will deteriorate faster due to constant friction caused by running, jumping jack and etc. True or false? The answer is both.
It is always true that too much of something is never good. False because I always believe that it is good if you do everything in moderation. Running or jogging has always been the quick fix for most people who want to lose weight and little they know that excessive running may ruin their joints like knee, ankle and hips.  You carry two times your body weight while walking and when you jog or run, that’s around three times your body weight. When you are jumping, it’s five or six times times your body weight.  Multiply that in distance, time and frequency, then you can imagine how much weight or impact your joints have. But in terms of calories burn in an exercise, walking has the least amount of calories burn then followed by jogging then running. Jumping has the biggest amount of calories burn per minute. That’s why when your exercise involves jumping, you get tired faster.
Most of endurance sports like swimming, cycling and running involve on repetitive motion and only the muscle used in a specific sport is being used creating unbalance and underdeveloped muscles. Most of the athlete I have met here avoid going to the gym or go to the gym but doing the wrong program.  An exercise program with high loads and few repetitions will not prepare these athletes for their sport and might subject them to unnecessary injury and risk.
That is why it is vital that you should train smart. In order to make you a fast runner, you need to practice a lot of running, same with cycling and swimming. But in order to make you stronger and have power, you need to train! Athlete and sometimes coaches often mistake training and practice. So sside from mileage from running, swimming and cycling, it is wise to add strength and conditioning,  agility speed and quickness, balance and stability in your routine. Most of the professional sports now like basketball, football, volleyball, and even motor racing hire the best strength and conditioning coaches for their respective teams.
Congratulations to Bryan Castillo, the winner of Biggest Loser Doubles. He lost over 52.56% from his original body weight. He started with 293 lbs and lost a staggering 154 lbs. Kayen Lazaro lost 50.52%, Francis Asis lost 48.85% and Mommy Osi lost 47.50%. Congratulations also to the rest of the contestants and most of all, to coaches Jim and Toni Saret.


NBA Playoffs and beyond

The NBA Playoffs started last Monday and as far as I could remember, the Playoffs is considered as one of the longest reality TV show. The NBA is one of toughest professional sports in terms of game schedules, practice, and travel. It is a survival of the fittest and a true test of strength, endurance and fitness level of each athlete. In the regular season, each team plays 82 games, 41 each home and away season games over six months plus traveling to a road game some would have to endure as much eight-game roads trip in different states and cities across the United States  and Toronto, Canada.               
Not so long ago, preparing for a game was as easy as picking a ball then shoot,  pass, dribble and play hoops.  But now, to be a good a basketball player, aside from having innate skills or talents, you need  hardwork to be fit.  It requires very high level of cardiovascular fitness so   you will not be outrun by the opposing team. And also one has to have muscular fitness and strength. You might not be able to run after the smaller players, but when you are fighting for a rebound or a loose ball, strength matters. Upper body strength is essential in pulling or grabbing a rebound. Basketball mainly focuses on lower body strength.  The importance of core and upper body strength are essential and base exercise to improve the core and upper body strengths are simple as doing pushup, pull up and planking.
One of the most common injuries among basketball players is ankle sprain. Most of the players often forget how to train to make their ankles stronger. Most ankle injuries involve inversion or rolling inward of the ankles. Another common injury of players is the knee.  Injuries to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament  are common.  Prevention is better than cure so to help a player prevent knee injuries, a base exercise in strengthening the quadriceps, hamstring will help stabilize the lower extremities and provide support during cutting, running and landing. As simple as body weight squats, lunges and single leg squat would go a long way if properly executed.
Going back to the NBA Playoffs, most of the teams have split their games as of this writing. That means one factor that will help the team win the championship will be based on the fitness level and health of each player. Losing a key player at this point of time is like losing the playoff. As of now, the Miami Heat is having a hard time beating the Charlotte Bobcats mainly because of Al Jefferson, but sad to say Al is suffering from foot injuries and is not playing 100 percent. Plantar facility is really a painful injury. The Golden State Warrior's Andrew Bogut is still out indefinitely in the playoffs. The future of this team will be determined if he gets back and play.  Last year, the OKC Thunder led by Kevin Durant lost steam in their playoff run when one of the starting guard Russel Westbrook injured his knees.  The San Antonio Spurs last year look old when the championship series went to its full seven-game route against the Heat. It was  one painful moment for me because I was rooting for Tim Duncan.
As a fan, I have three teams that I want to go all the way and win a championship. First on my list is the San Antonio Spurs because of the aging Tim Duncan.  I want him to go out in style and win a championship before retiring. Second is the OKC Thunder.  I am a big fan of KD in the same way with my two sons. Third is the Indiana Pacers. The fact that they started their playoff run last year without their superstar and ended up discovering three new stars in Paul George, Roy Hibbert and David West is something that should be taken account into.
But as sportswriter, my fearless prediction is that the Miami Heat will snare this year's NBA title. Sorry to haters of Lebron James. I am not a fan of King James, but he is just above the rest in terms of skills, fitness level and most of all, he has learned how to lead a team and has a mindset of never giving up.

Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition
April 12, Saturday

As I was watching the Biggest Loser Pinoy Doubles Edition last Saturday, April 5, 2014, my jaw dropped as I saw 4 contestants voluntarily exiting the Biggest Loser camp due to cheating.  

As one of the pioneer contestants in the 1st season of the Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition, I was disappointed with what transpired. This show is about positive transformations, from being fat to fit, from having an unhealthy lifestyle to practicing a healthy lifestyle. I owe my second chance in life to this show, especially to the coaches, nutritionist, production people and staff, as well as, to ABS-CBN.

Inside the camp, we were taught the basics of healthy eating. We learned how to prepare and cook food. We were also trained on the many ways to exercise to lose weight and be fit. The many things that we learned inside prepared me when I went back home to the real world after I left the camp.

I had set my goals even before my Biggest Loser journey started. I promised myself that I will pay it forward and help others to get fit. In order to sustain my personal fitness journey, I set personal challenges like joining triathlon competitions and running the marathon. In a span of two years and six months, I have completed two IRONMAN 70.3 races, three Xterra Off-road Triathlon races and countless half-marathon (21 km) races. I have conducted 8 fitness boot camps and helped obese and overweight people jumpstart their fitness journey.

I am on my 3rd year of living a fit and healthy lifestyle. I am a living proof that everything is possible. Last Tuesday, I was invited to appear in the Biggest Loser Pinoy Doubles Edition to help inspire the remaining contestants of the show. At this point in the competition, these contestants are already physically and mentally exhausted. As a former contestant, I can relate to what they are going through. I shared my experiences and did some workout with them. I told them that when their stay at the camp ends,  it will be the start of another journey. Maintaining or sustaining their current weight now is as hard as losing weight. I also told them that aside from my fitness journey and managing the boot camps, I still have to take care of my family and business. Time management is very important.

Yes, joining the Biggest Loser competition puts the contestants in the spotlight. They become famous plus they get the chance to win cash prizes if they make it to the top 4. Sadly, these resulted in many of the contestants losing sight of the most important and main purpose of joining the competition which is to make a lifestyle change to lose weight and stay fit. I had the chance to meet some of the Biggest Loser Season 2 contestants during the auditions and was surprised to hear that their main reason for joining the show was “to be famous”.

Being in the competition is tough. You leave your work to be able to stay inside the Biggest Loser camp. You are away from your family for a long period of time and have no communication with them. It can get lonely and exhausting after a while as one by one, the contestants get eliminated. Everybody goes into survival mode. Some contestants would resort to cheating & manipulation by giving false information on workout and diet tips. I only have one thing to say to the contestants - LISTEN TO YOUR COACHES! You already have the best coaches in the country. Both Coach Jim Saret and Coach Toni Saret have proven track records. They are the founders and training directors of APEX (Athletic Performance Enhancement) Sports Training Inc., as well as, the FIT Filipino Movement and METAFIT Philippines.

Coach Jim Saret is a former national athlete. He completed his Master's Degree in Sports Medicine / Athletic Training at Brigham Young University in the U.S. specializing in Athletic Performance Enhancement.

Coach Toni Saret is an accomplished athlete herself who has finished a number of marathon (42 km) races and is a certified coach for Crossfit, Zumba, BlastFX, Fight FX, Groove FX, TRX and is NESTA Certified.
Food Coach Nadine Tengco is a US Certified Fitness Nutritionist/Chef.

My advice to the contestants now is to stay focused on your food, nutrition and workout programs. There is no short cut in life. Set your goals and find your motivation and inspiration. It does not matter if you win or lose. What is important is after the show, you should be able to sustain and keep the weight off and live a healthy lifestyle. Don’t go back to your old habits. People look up to you. Be an inspiration to the Filipino people.

Next week, I will be writing about the concept of ‘TRAINING SMART’.

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Burn Fat Faster (BFF)

A common misconception among people is that our metabolism slows down as we grow older, causing us to gain weight faster.  But in reality, our metabolism is more directly related to our level of daily activity. The lesser activities we have, the slower our metabolism, and the faster it takes for us to gain weight.

Metabolism is our body's way of converting food into energy. We burn energy and calories when we are active. When we are not active, like when we are watching TV or sleeping, our body still burns calories and uses energy for breathing and healing. Remember that muscles burn more calories than fat. Thus, if we are overweight and we are not doing any activity, we burn fewer calories and our metabolism slows down.

Our goal here is to increase our metabolism by increasing our muscle percentage, so that it will burn more calories and fat even while at rest. Follow this simple METAFIT workout.
Burn Fat Faster or BFF in 5 minutes:
1.   30-high knees or jog in place
Raise your right and left knees alternately until they reach your waist line and swing your left and right arms, correspondingly.  Exaggerate your movements (20 slow, 10 fast)
2.   20-Squats
Pretend that you're sitting on a chair. Then stand up (for first timers it would be best if you put a chair behind you). Remember to keep your chest out, and butt out. And make sure your knees will not go over your toes every time you sit down.
3.   10- Mountain Climbers
Start with a push up position. Bring your right knee to your right elbow, then your left knee to your left elbow. (10 times alternating each leg)
Doing the abovementioned 3 exercises only takes 5 minutes. Start with the 1st, then 2nd, then 3rdexercise.  Repeat with the 1st, then 2nd , then 3rd   exercise. Repeat again and again until you finish your 5 minutes.
You can do this workout as soon as you wake up in the morning. This will keep your metabolism up for the rest of the day. Increase your intensity as you get stronger. Beginners can usually finish 1 to 2 rounds for 5 minutes. Weekend athletes can finish up to 4-5 rounds and elite athlete can finish up to 6-8 rounds. But don't worry. You still get to burn more or less the same amount of calories, as long as you exert maximum effort, even though its only for one or two rounds in five minutes. 
You can log on to www.alanchoachuy.com and click on the page "Every Pound Counts" to get a better perspective of this BFF in 5 minutes workout. 
SIDELINE: Please watch the Biggest Loser ‘Doubles' Edition at ABS-CBN  and be inspired and motivated with their journey to get fit and healthy.

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Stage Parent

 (The Freeman) 

Is your child living his dream or his parents' dream?
In the world of sports, behind most successful athletes are great parents working behind the scenes. That is because the role of parents is very important in the development of their children particularly in the athletic field.
Growing up, my parents were always behind me, but they never pushed me or directed me to indulge in the sport they want. My father was a successful judo athlete and an accomplished golfer. He and my mother gave me support and love and the rest, I did them on my own.
There is, however, that line that parents should not cross in raising outstanding athletes. They must constantly bear in mind that the role they play during actual games should be limited only as supporter or chief cheerleader of their child, so to speak.
Talking about support, it means giving your child appropriate sports gear and outfits, and at the same time providing them with proper hydration and nutrition. The moral side of it comes in the form of cheering, which should be reserved only to applause and maybe a few inspirational cheers. There should be no bad-mouthing or taunting the opponents, much more the game officials. Parents should set themselves as good examples to their children.
But this kind of support is easier said than done. I myself am a stage parent of aspiring basketball players. I'm almost present in all of my kids' practice and games. I must admit that sometimes, it's really hard to contain your emotions especially if your kid is not given enough playing time, being fouled hard or his team is on the verge of losing. In the end though, I realize that it's better to just relax and enjoy the game.
In the sport of running, I have been participating in countless fun runs for over three years already. I have personally seen parents pushing small kids as young as 10 years old to run faster. Sometimes they would pace them as support and give them water. Some even bring along their running friends as spotters to check on competitors who are running close to them.
In basketball, which is arguably the most famous sport in our country, I have seen parents rushing onto the court to pull out their children and leave the game, parents of the opposing teams taunting each other and making comments which are below the belt already. I even witnessed one parent trying to reach inside his bag, as if he was bringing a gun, at the height of tension-filled match. Parents would also shout at each other until their faces turned red.
Here's a bit of my unsolicited advice to prevent problems with stage parents:
1. Address problems to the tournament organizers/officials, or the coaches and official representatives of your child's school.
2. Organizers should strictly enforce seating and behavior guidelines for parents and supporters during a game.
3. Game officials should be reminded of their responsibilities in the court or field. They should always be on top of the situation and avoid biases. Some parents who were former athletes may be close to some of the game officials and this may create conflict of interest.
4. We should not forget that children look up to their coaches. They learn from them. Coaches influence the children in the way they play, in their attitudes and behavior during the game which may extend outside the court or field too.  Coaches should lead by example and should not be shouting at or taunting xx players or opponents.
5. The school's Athletic Department should set standards in the recruitment of players and coaches. They should get qualified personnel to handle the sport programs.
6. Parents should remember that they are not the coaches. As the proverbial Tagalog saying goes, "ang maling gawa ng matanda ay magiging tama sa mata ng mga bata". So stay cool and keep your comments to yourself. Don't provoke other parents. If you find something that is not right, express your concerns in the proper manner and protocol. Write to your school officials.
The bottom line in sport is that this is where you create camaraderie and friendship. It's a competition. In every game, there will always be winners and losers. Don't be a sore loser. Congratulate the winners.  Let's all enjoy the games and continue the development of sports.
SIDELINES:  Congratulations to all Cebuano finishers of the Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship held in Melbourne Australia last March 23, 2014. Cheers to Dr. Alberto Solis Jr., Guianluca Guidicelli, Meyrick Jacalan, Andrew Ong and Jane-Jane Ong.
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Eat to lose weight

 (The Freeman) 

It's summer! Time to head for the beach and show off your body. But wait, do you have the body to show? As we get older, we tend to gain more weight and bulging bellies. The most common quick fix for  people is skipping meals or starving yourself.  If  you are doing this to lose weight then you are in for a disastrous result. During the first few days of skipping meals, you will lose weight. After which, your body will try to recover itself and you will stop losing weight even when you are skipping more meals. You will be surprised that your weight will not drop. 
This is due to the survival mode of our body.  It means that as you eat less, your body will notice it and automatically slows down your metabolism and controls itself to last for the whole day.
It's more effective to eat to lose weight.  You must remember 3 important letters: QFQ which stands for Quality, Frequency and Quantity.
QUALITY – Among the things to consider is how food is cooked. Based on my experience, for a better long-term result, don't change the quantity of food you eat. Eat the same volume as you used to do but improve the quality and go for healthier choices. Instead of white rice, you can have brown, red or black rice. Instead of fried chicken, go for the grilled chicken. Instead of fried fish, eat steamed fish.  Instead of soft drinks or sodas, drink water or natural juice. Go for natural instead of processed. Deep fried food is a no-no.  You can either grill, panfry or steam your food.  Use less sodium and no MSG. 
FREQUENCY – Increase the number of times you eat in a day. If you have an active lifestyle and you work out or run, you tend to get hungry faster.  I usually eat small meals every 2 hours. Just prepare what you will eat and try to bring it along with you to avoid buying unhealthy food whenever you get hungry.
QUANTITY – The quantity and volume of your meals can be adjusted after 1 to 2 weeks as your body has already adjusted to eating healthier meals. Drastically eating less would make our body suffer.  My students would always say that they tend to eat less if they eat more frequently. 
By following QFQ, you will be able trick your body to continue burning calories and at the same time, maintaining or even increase your metabolism.
Making a food diary would be a good move. Write down everything you put in your mouth. At the end of  the day, you will be shocked to see what you have eaten throughout the day. A lot of  people asked me what's the secret inside the Biggest Loser Camp. Aside from having the best fitness coach, I would always say that we have the best nutritionist,  my mentor Ms. Nadine Tengco.  She always reminded me that you get fit with exercise and lose weight in the kitchen.  The equation is 70% nutrition and 30% exercise. No matter how hard you exercise, you will not lose weight if  you are not mindful of  what you eat.
But the challenge in this journey of  having a healthy lifestyle is when you are in a party. What you can do is you survey first the buffet table.  Don't rush when your host say "dinner is served".  Have a seat and let others get their food first. Slowly drink 2 glasses of water. When there are fewer people lining up the buffet table, you may get your food already. Be mindful. When getting your salad, put lots of greens, a pinch of cheese, and just a sprinkle of dressing. Go back to your table and eat your salad slowly. Drink 2 glasses of water again. Your main dish like meats should have  a serving size of about half of  your palm. Get lots of vegetables. After you have finished eating your meats and vegetables, slowly drink 2 glasses of  water again. For me, I usually go for the best meats in the house like roasted beef or lechon. I only eat the lean portion of the beef and lechon, but without the sauce. I scrape off the fatty portions. You may eat the crispy skin if you like but take out the fat underneath. For desserts,  I usually go for fruits. If  you like sweet cakes, you can get a maximum of  2 matchbox size slices.  By doing this you don't deprive yourself of good food.  Remember eat to lose weight. Qualtiy, Frequency and Quantity. Be mindful always.  But don't forget to still have fun and enjoy life!
SIDELINE: Congratulations to all finishers of the XTERRA 2014 last March 15, 2014 especially my Team Metafit participants, the Capacite Family (Tito Arnulfo, Tita Warly, Guian, Clive, Clyde  Nino, Earl and Alex Sy)  for finishing the Lite Relay category at 5th and 6th places, respectively,  Anton Golez for finishing the full distance, Eric Limatog, who despite 2 flat tires and mechanical failures, still managed to finish in the top 10 of his category, and yours truly who finished 6th out of 20 in my age group. I would also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our Metafit support group (my wife Caroline,  Allyssa Sy, Fr. Joseph  Anore, Leslie Pesons and Dimple Noel, Belle and Andrew, Donafel and PJ, Janet and Patricia Solis, Joy and Jinggoy Bascug, Joy Ortaliz and Romulo Rosell).
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To complete and not to compete

The most common excuse why people don't workout or exercise is because  of time. "I don't have time to workout", " I am very busy with work", "the gym is very far" and "the monthly dues are expensive" - these  were my favorite excuses three years and many pounds ago.

But there is now no excuse not to exercise as Coach Jim Saret, my trainer in the Biggest Loser reality television show, has come up with a brilliant four-minute Metafit workout. Yes, you read it right. Only four minutes a day of workout and you will get fitter, stronger and healthier!

Metafit is short for Metabolic Fitness. It is a pattern of workout which uses mostly your body weight. Surprisingly, a lot of people who works out in a gym can't even do a simple push-up or pull-up using their own body weights. With Metafit, your body becomes your best gym equipment.

A four-minute Metafit workout has been proven to burn up to 600 calories. It has been tested to increase your metabolism and burn up to 1500 calories three hours after doing the workout even by doing nothing or just sitting down and watching TV. I have personally tested this on an individual strapped with a Calorie counter. After four minutes, she burned 55 calories. It increased to 207 calories after 30 minutes, 488 calories after one hour, and eventually 1,168 calories after three hours.

Most of the students in my Metafit boot camp have improved their personal record (PR) time in the 5km, 10 km, 21km and 42km run even without spending so much time in actual running.

Above all, I'm a living proof that the four-minute Metafit workout really works. I have been using this exercise for three years and used it as part of my training regimen for the 70.3 Ironman and Xterra Triathlon, where I completed both with flying colors.

One's intensity will depend on the fitness level of each individual. Elite or advanced athletes may complete around four to six rounds, while beginners or sedentary individuals can do around one to two rounds only. Interestingly, the latter still burn more or less the same calories because they exerted maximum effort.

Now here's the real deal. The four-minute Metafit workout is composed of four exercises - the jumping jacks,  squats,  push-ups and lunges. One must do 10 repetitions of each and then repeat the four exercises as fast as one can in four minutes.

There are variations in case you have problem with your knees or joints.

For the jumping jacks, you can do a side step while still moving your arms up and down. For the squats, you can put a chair behind you and then sit and stand up. For the push-ups, you can do a knee push-up and start with putting your chest on the floor and push your body up. Your butt and your back must move together while your feet and toes are pointed up. If you still have a hard time doing this, you can do the push-up against the wall in a standing position. Your body does not know the difference whether you are on the floor or against the wall as long as you are exerting maximum effort.

The last exercise is lunges. On a standing position, plant both your feet shoulder wide apart. Bring your right leg one big step backward. Move your right knee up and down until it is an inch or two away from the floor. Make sure that your left knee should not go over your left toes. You should be able to see your front toes all the time while doing the 10 repetitions. Do the same exercise and this time with your left leg at the back. Repeat the cycle from the first to the fourth exercise until the four minutes end.

When I did this workout during my first day at the Biggest Loser camp, I could barely finish two rounds. Now, I could push myself to eight rounds.  So there is no excuse for you not to get fit! Having said that, I encourage you to do the four-minute Metafit workout and see a fitter, stronger and healthier you.

Form is very important. To get a better perspective, you can see a demo of Coach Jim Saret's four-minute Metafit workout in my website www.alanchoachuy.com.  Be sure to leave your comments before you exit.

Next week, in time for the XTERRA Off-Road Triathlon, I will be writing about the concept 'To Complete and not to Compete'.

SIDELINE: Please continue to watch the Biggest Loser 'Doubles' Edition at ABS-CBN  and be inspired and motivated with their journey to get fit and healthy. You can also visit my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/metafitcebu. For comments, you can reach me at alanchoachuy@gmail.com.


A lifestyle commitment

But I did not let that one pound stop me from continuing my journey and pursuing my dream to complete a half-marathon and to be an Ironman finisher. As what I've learned from our Biggest Loser trainor Coach Jim Saret, Host Sharon Cuneta and Nutritionist Nadine Tengco, it's not how you lose, but how you rise and face the challenge. Michael Jordan once said, "I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed." For me, it's not about winning the top prize of that fitness-centered reality television show for it was just a bonus. What mattered most to me was my transformation from being fat and obese to a fit and healthy individual and how I was able to help others nurture a healthy physical well-being.
Inside the camp, I was treated like the 'Kuya' to everybody. But the hardest part was being away from my loved ones. Thus, the other contestants became my family and we would push each other to exercise harder. I stayed for almost three months inside the camp and lost a total of 61 lbs. after being voted out. However, my quest for a better and healthier lifestyle did not end there. I even used my stint in that life-changing show as a springboard to my newfound mission in life which is to be a fitness ambassador. Testament to that, I invited most of the contestants who were also voted out at that time to come over to Cebu to continue training. That idea yielded a positive outcome as after a few weeks of hard work, we were able to run and finish 5K, 6K, 7K, 10K, 12K, and finally a 15-kilometer run!
Five days before the final weigh-in, we all went back to Manila. It was the greatest challenge for all of us. I was 195 lbs. at that time.  I manage to lose 11 lbs. in four days. My teammate Eric Limatog also managed to lose a staggering 16 lbs. in that short span of time. We did everything in the last few days doing various workouts from metafit, hot yoga, spinning, swimming, dancing, running and even to the extent of working out inside the sauna. In the end, I lost a total of 125 lbs. (from 309 lbs to 184 lbs.)
What I learned inside the camp was a once in a lifetime experience that I will always cherish. It's a priceless treasure that can't be taken away from me. I have always thought that losing weight was the hard part and maintaining it was easy. But almost three years has passed, and I realized that nurturing our ideal weight is as hard as losing weight. It is a lifestyle commitment. You also need a lot of motivation, hard work, and discipline. You still have to set goals and always have a plan. Having a support group like friends and family is very important as well. For me, my greatest supporter is my wife, Caroline. She was and is still there every step of the way.
To date, I have already completed  several 21-kilometer half-marathon, finished the Xterra Off-Road Triathlon twice, and completed the 70.3 Ironman Triathlon two times.
I run two Metafit Fitness boot camps in Cebu to help people jumpstart their own fitness journey. Athletes also join to get stronger and faster. In life, every second counts as much as every pound counts. Make the most out of it for we only live once.
Next week, I will be writing about the four-minute Metafit workout of Coach Jim Saret.
SIDELINE:Please watch and support the Biggest Loser Pinoy edition 'Doubles' from Monday to Saturday at primetime on ABS-CBN.
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