Saturday, August 15, 2015


In 2016, 
Let me Share a dream! 
Conquer the Marathon 
this 2016 
with Me.

This is it! Train with me 
Let us make this Dream a reality! 
4 months 

To continue with my advocacy to make this country a healthier place to live in, I personally made a challenge to finally run the dreaded 42km full marathon. and want to share this dream to others who have not yet check this bucket list. Join me as embarked on this journey walk, jog and run. to Conquer the MARATHON in 2016. 

Train with me for 4 months join our METAFIT Boot Camp Starting this September at Parkmall and Persimmon and get Tips on running,strength and conditioning program. From me and the rest of the METAFIT Coaches Coach Carlo, Coach Dandy, Coach Belle and Coach Eric. 

Remember our goal is 4 months! our motto has always been to COMPLETE and not COMPETE!  Train Smart and Train Hard, Know your pain and Know your GAINS! 

we want everybody to finish with a smile!

We have 3 categories for  you to choose from:
Groupo 42:  to those who wants to conquer their first Marathon
If you simply one want to get fit 

Groupo 21: to those who wants to test their endurance in his/her first half marathon.

METAFIT Group: to those who simply want to get fitter, stronger and healthier! 

PRIORITY 1: Sign up to Cebu City Marathon ( January 10, 2016)  click here 

PRIORITY 2: Sign up on the METAFIT Fitness boot camp for Stage 1 of our  Training in this site

Stage 1: Building the Foundation for Runners! September to October 2016 8 weeks August 31 to October 26 (THIS CAMP NOW)

Stage 2: Building Mileage and Strengthening  November 2016 4 weeks

Stage 3: Simulation and more mileage, Strength and Conditioning.             December 2016 4 weeks.

p.s. one should have at least run the 21km half marathon for more details please PM or email at

See you guys September!

Monday and Wednesday 
Saturday (6:00 am - 8:00 am)
Aug 31 - Sept 26 , 2015  Phase 1
Sept 28 - Oct 24, 2015 Phase 2

September 8 – October 3, 2015 (first phase)
October 6 – October 31 ( Phase 2 )
Tuesday and Thursday (6:00-8:00pm)

Saturday (6:00 am - 8:00 am) 

For more information please call 4069267

You may also register online
Download this form and email to or
 fax to  4226204 with deposit  slip payment to:
    Account name: Alan G. Choachuy
    Bank Name: Metrobank Mandaue North road branch

    Account number: 7236-519-380
You will receive email confirming your registration and payment.

Registration is P 3,000 for 

8 weeks. 
Early Bird Registration is 
P 2,750 Until 
AUG 30, 2015
(Persimmon Plus)

80% of Registration may be refunded by 
AUGUST 31, 2015,
50% of Registration  Fee by 
SEPT 2, 2015
No More Refund after SEPT 2, 2015


  1. i have taken part in a lot of marathons over the years but this one seems like the most interesting one yet! Thank you for sharing this and I will surely check it out soon!

  2. Thank for the good topic,Thanks for your sharing.