Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Metafit Cebu

Good news!! We will be opening 10 slots per venue! tBe inspired, Be Motivated and Get fitter, stronger and healthier. and prepare yourself for the Holidays! register at Sands Boutique in Parkmall Starting October 20, 2014. P2,000 for 4 weeks.!

Fitness is not about losing weight. Fitness is about getting stronger, fitter, and healthier. Improve quality of life! Be a FIT Filipino!" - Coach Alan Choachuy

October 20, Monday AT SANDS BOUTIQUE, Parkmall.

MINI CAMP starts on 

November 3 - 29 Phase 2
Monday, Wednesday (6:00 -8:00pm)
 and Saturday (6 am)

November 4 - 29 Phase 2
Tuesday and Thursday (6:00-8:00pm)
Saturday (6-8am)

 Download this form and email to alanchoachuy@gmail.com or fax to 4204154 or 4226204 
with deposit slip payment to:
    Account name: Alan G. Choachuy
    Bank Name: Metrobank Mandaue North road branch
    Account number: 7236-519-380
You will receive email confirming your registration and payment.

Registration is 
2,000 for 4 weeks. 

Limited slots for Phase 2 only 10 pax 
only. per venue

  1. Participants will get the following for joining: 

    • Supervision by Certified FITFIL Fitness and Motivational Coaches.

    • Water / hydration booth. 

    • Program supervision by Elite Milo-APEX Training Program by US Trained Athletic Performance Enhancement Specialist and Philippine Olympic Committee / RP National Teams Sports Training Consultant Coach Jim Saret (Priceless!) 

Top 10 Reasons to join Coach A METAfit Fitness Boot Camp:
  1. It is the only fitness boot camp in Cebu offering fitness, motivational, and nutritional coaching. 
  2. Constantly changing workout to keep your body guessing, your brain excited and avoid plateau!
  3. Coach to student ratio of 1:25
  4. Coach A METAFit Fitness Boot Camp has produced more than 1500 graduates since 2012. We have a high retention rate among graduates who opted to continue their fitness journey with us.
  5. Get to workout in a wide open environment with fresh air, trees and natural scenery! Get to run without a treadmill! Tone your muscles without the bulky weight machines! 
  6. Great way to work out with your friends. Meet new ones too!
  7. Students will be grouped together based on their current fitness level (beginners, newbie, advanced)
  8. AFFORDABLE! Experience 8 weeks of Cebu's biggest, most exciting and successful FITFIL affiliated fitness boot camp.
  9. METAfit Fitness Boot Camp is designed by Coach Jim Saret (Trainer of the Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition and Trainer of the Country’s Elite National and World Class Athletes),
  10. METAfit Fitness Boot Camp is a perfect opportunity and time for you to transform your body and your life. Now is the time to change your life!

If you have questions please call 4069267


  1. I have always been looking for an effective fitness camp which don’t work on talks only. They must show us positive results as well. And no doubt, Metafit fitness boot camp is one which I found very effective of all.

  2. Thank you for updating the information.


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