Tuesday, April 23, 2013

LIFE after BIGGEST LOSER... Helping others to get FIT

It has been 2 years since the Biggest loser Pinoy edition ended and my journey have not stop, from my own journey FAT to FIT. I Continued the journey by help other people get FIT.Who can better push and motivate overweight and obese people better than me I lost 125lbs in 6 months.

Today we have created a Fitness boot camp name METAFIT camp. 
"Fitness is not about losing weight. Fitness is about getting stronger, fitter, and healthier. Improve quality of life! Be a FIT Filipino!" - Coach Alan Choachuy

The METAFIT is in short  for METABOLIC fitness. The workout is combination of Strength and Cardio. and makes you stronger, fitter and healthier in the shortest amount of time. Its a short and intense workout pockets of  between 4 to 6minutes workouts which involves Big muscle group which are the CHEST, BACK and LEGS. Metabolism and spiking your heart rate is the key for losing weight. When your metabolism increases you burn FAT faster, even while at REST. One way to Increase your Metabolism is increase Body composition Muscles over Fat. 

Increase Muscle + Increase Metabolism = Burn FAT FASTER!!!

Metafit is not only for adult but for kids also.

Allysa with her new tight fit Blouse.
The METAFIT Cebu is now on its 5th Season and we have 2 camps running not at PARKMALL CEBU and PERSIMMON Plus in MABOLO Cebu

Allysa is now also joining fun runs and plays alot of badminton. She now inspires other Metafit participants and this photo proves to you that everything is possible. If you put your heart and mind into. It usually take a little of 2 weeks to make it a Habit. so start your journey now! I am so proud to show off this photo of her.

But the journey does not end here. It is a commitment for a lifetime, you have to change your lifestyle in order to stay fit, strong, healthier 
Pushing Allysa in our ERT workout
and slimmer. Motivation is also key. During my journey, my motivation was my family my wife and kids. So I strongly suggest you find a Motivation. You must be Motivated and 100% committed.

You can join METAFIT in Manila (BGC and Quezon City). If you need tips on how to start your journey send me a message.
Other Metafit participants success sotries are left Donafel and Mae. will posting there journey soon.
Metafit Fitness Boot camp is founded by my Coach JIM Saret our trainer for Blue Team inside the Biggest loser camp.

Let's get FIT Philippines a be a FIT FILIPINO!!!


  1. nice one coach!
    glad to be one of your students.
    my motivation? doing the workout together with hubby, and combining fitness and fun with all the metafit guys.
    your camp is now growing bigger and has become a community of individuals aiming to live a healthier lifestyle.
    thank you for helping us become fitter and stronger.

  2. thanks Joy and Jinggoy for your support and inspiring others to become Fitter.

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