Sunday, January 27, 2013

Xterra Off Road Triathlon 2013 My 5 week Journey

5 Weeks to XTERRA Off Road Triathlon 2013

Preparation is always key for a successful race either you are competing to win or just completing it. The first time I got to hear the term complete and not compete was from my mentor in the Biggest Loser camp Coach Jim Saret. He always reminded me to aim to NOT compete but to COMPLETE .  As I was on a journey from being Fat to FIT (I finished 21km half marathon, Olympic distance triahtlon in Bohol, a Off road Xterra Triathlon in Cebu and finally finished 70.3 IRONMAN) I followed this slogan, but now 2 years has almost passed and live a fit and healthy lifestyle, I have training everyday just to maintain my fitness level and most of all my body weight. NOW 2013 approached I have challenged my self that I need to level up and aside from Completing  each event I would love to COMPETE. 

So for 5 weeks starting today January 28, 2013 until March 2, 2013. I will embarked on a Journey to try to finish atleast top 20 in my age Category 40-45.  Aside from finishing top 20, I would love to look good during the swim leg which last year which I swam with shirtless or open torso. Hopefully with a more ripped and better looking body and abs of corse. 

My journey involves daily training regimen from swimming, biking and running. I have scheduled my training program with the help of my Mentor Coach Jim Saret. With the knowledge I learned from journey from Fat to Fit. Main training evolves around the around the concept training LESS. Lesser swim, lesser bike and lesser run, but defnetly getting stronger swim, faster bike and finishing strong on the RUN. Reminder each individual has different trianing regiment, What works for me will not work on you or vise versa. 

Lets Start with Swim: 

Swimming is my favorite part, not like other triahtlon which swim is there biggest fear. Swim is my easiest part. so there fore my swim training does not involve being in the water. My swim training are all outside the water. I have schedule only 2 swim day for me which on the 3rd (750mts) and 4th week (1 km) only the last final swim is on site where I can test the water (750 mts). My training are all METAFIT workout. Which are mostly Lactate Threshold training (LT). The burning sensation in your muscles when you workout is Lactate acid.


I have been a cyclist since 1999. Even at 300+lbs I still went biking, most of times during uphill I would walk and push my bike up. There are many kinds of bike, Road bike, TT bike, Bmx, Folding bike and Mountain Bike. I am a Mountain biker so mostly my ride is usually off road. thats why I was challenge with this Xterra event. Last 2012 Xterra I made a big mistake in the Bike stage. I under estimated the whole bike route and was short for one hour meaning I estimated my bike stage to be finished in 1hr 30 or 45 minutes but it took me almost 3 hours to finish. not because I am not condition enough. I was short on my Nutrition side I brought only nutrition good for 1 hour and half. I hit the wall already at the 2nd hour. so have literally used up all my reserved strength for the run just to finish the bike stage. (hahahaha) But I still enjoyed the bike stage. So for this year I have once a week long ride (40-50km), once a week Brick training. and once a week spinning METAFIT BIKE workout.

Trail Run:

I hate running so after using up all my reserve energy in the bike stage, my run turn to jog and then walking or hiking it took me 1hr and 30 minutes to finish 10km run. so this year I will doing Lot of METAFIT run workout. composed of Transicition or brick training, speed, mileage and LT workout. mostly on the legs where it will hurt the most.

Will blog my workout next week and photos update.

P.s. Please ignore all my wrong spelling and grammar, no time to edit. just post comments nalang.