Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Biggest Losser & Biggest winner, coming in the finale  a pound short of becoming the first home contestant Biggest loser Pinoy edition winner. Im not letting that 1pound stop me from continuing my journey and my dream which is to complete a full marathon and full ironman. Like what we learned from our trainor Coach Jim Saret, Sharon Cuneta, Nadine Tengco (Nutrionist of Biggest loser) its not how you lose but how you rise and face the challenge. Michael Jordan said “ I have lost over and over again, that’s why I succeed” for me Its not about winning the top prize, top prize is just a bonus but the transformation of your body to be healthy and how you help other people to be what they are now. Inside the camp I was treated like the kuya to everybody, so after being voted out sa camp Me, Eric, Edden and Destiny invited most of the contestant red or blue to CEBU to continue the training. Which after weeks of training was able to run 5k, 6k, 7k, 10k, 12k and finally 15km.

For me the hardest part inside the Camp is being away from our family so the contestant became our family and we push each other to work harder. For me its the emotional challenge and not the physical challenge, as a former athlete I have completed a sprint triathlon, Mountain bike races, and won basketball championship both as player & Coach, a novice autocross  Race car driver  Champion  2010 and run 5, 10 & 13km run even before joining the show. But along the way I gained so much weight and become so unhealthy. This show saved my life, What we learned inside the camp is once a lifetime experience that can't be taken away.

To Pay it forward we will be organizing a series of clinics starting the summer of 2012 for weight lost and fitness with the supervision of Coach JIM SARET and Nadine Tengco.  Nadine and Coach Jim will also be  making available soon a program called Body by Jim & Nadine. 

Coach Jim Saret & Nadine Tengco was very instrumental for me, larry, eric, hazel, raffy, winwin, leigh, destiny, Ryan, Jm, andy, angela, art, edden, eboy & Joy’s Impressive weight lost. Me, larry and eric Lost more than 20lbs in just 3 weeks with proper workout and nutrition without slipping in the final  3weeks. Eric, Ryan and I was the only contestant above the 40% weight lost percentage which was higher than any other FAB 5 Larry was the closest with 39.61%.For the Girls Joy Siy, who was the heaviest Girl lost the most, in all of the girls in the camp even among the FAB 5 with a 34.37% weight lost percentage.  

Congratulations to Mr. Ryan Razon for winning the home contestant and to Mr. Larry Martin for winning the first ever Pinoy Edition Biggest loser!!!

Will blog more on what happen from the End to the Start.